A family bicycle with great shapes and special prices. Get to know them

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A family bicycle, many people want to ride bicycles because it is one of the very enjoyable exercises and brings many health benefits to the body and health and reduces depression, anxiety and stress, so many people want to buy bicycles to exercise daily to enjoy good health and get fit, active and energetic My bike store offers you many types of mountain, hybrid and road bikes at prices that suit everyone and different sizes. In this article, we will explain to you, dear reader, the specifications of a family bicycle and its uncompetitive prices.

Family bike

The bicycle is a land vehicle that operates easily, of which there are many types, including the modern family bicycle, which is designed to carry increased loads and numbers, and to achieve the maximum degree of comfort and entertainment, and the bicycles are designed with high quality.

Family bicycle specifications

  • There are four riders on the bike and two young or old riders.
  • The bike is sturdy and solid.
  • Suitable for family bike for various roads.
  • Equipped with a full suspension system, the bike's outer body is wide and flat for easy handling.
  • The bike is equipped with a wide range of engines.
  • You can handle brakes safely for curves in hilly steep roads.

Features of a family bicycle

  • Family bikes are sturdy and stable.
  • Its handlebar is wide, straight, and the pedal is comfortable.
  • The family bicycle is the best means of transportation that is easy to use and has no environmental damage or pollution.
  • The gears are designed with a different set of gears to handle different terrains and some gears are lowered to cope with steep inclines.
  • Equipped with gears of medium length and different from ordinary bicycles.
  • The bike is easy to ride, professional and suitable for beginners.
  • Safe to use and easy to drive.

Family bikes price on my bike shop

  • A bike with four wheels and a mattress is available on my bike store, at a price of 1980 Saudi riyals.
  • A four-wheeled bicycle is available on my bike store, at a price of 3920 Saudi riyals.
  • Four-wheeled bicycles with two mattresses, at a price of 2900 Saudi riyals
  • A four-wheeled bicycle for the elderly is available on my bike store, at a price of 3234 Saudi riyals.

The benefits of a bicycle

Bicycling has many health benefits, as follows:

  • Cycling helps to lose weight and burn excess fat. So it helps to get a graceful body.
  • Through the bicycle, you can reach work easily, away from the crowds and bottlenecks compared to the car.
  • Cycling helps reduce insomnia and enables you to sleep better, because exercise helps expose the body to sunlight and breathe fresh air, which reduces the feeling of insomnia.
  • It gives the body vitality, activity, and better supply of oxygen to the body, thus removing toxins from the body.
  • Exercising on a bicycle speeds up breathing, adjusts the heart rate, and blood sugar levels, because exercising on a bicycle helps with activity and physical fitness.
  • It also helps to get rid of stomach cramps and bloating and reduces the risk of stomach cancer.
  • It stimulates nerve cells and increases the production of brain cells, thus reducing the symptoms of aging and Alzheimer's.
  • Increasing life expectancy, as scientific studies have shown that people who exercise daily on a regular basis are less likely to develop cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure, because when riding a bicycle it helps to move the body muscles easily.
  • Accelerates the digestion process better and works to produce hormones in the body well.
  • It strengthens the immune system, so it reduces the incidence of various diseases.

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