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ركوب الدراجة بأفضل الطرق في مدينة كبيرة وما نوع الدراجة التي أحتاجها | متجر دراجتي - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

A city bike ride is a refreshing way to get around or just decompress

So cycling in the city usually takes the form of entertainment or utility.

The type of urban cycling you do will have a huge impact on the type of bike that will suit you best 

Your goals will also determine where you will be cycling -

This makes a huge difference because city bike riding is an extension of safe riding in the park on the one hand -

to sometimes horrific street experiences on the other hand

Recreational riders who want to get some exercise may want to stick to trails

Protected bikes and parks

Passengers will have to choose from options that balance distance and safety -

Cities and bike riding are more resources than you think

Every big city has an ambitious cycling plan as well as coordinated cycling events -

To encourage more people to participate in the fun Cities are well aware that cycling brings enormous benefits to the urban environment -

Chief among these are vital factors, general health and well-being, reduced traffic and clean air

Because bicycles have been shown to enhance city life in so many ways -

Planning committees and advocacy groups in every city have created plenty of ways to increase ridership

like that

You can save a lot of time by going to your city's website and checking out their cycling resources

You'll find maps and other useful information to make your trip easier and safer -

City Bike Maps will give you a very clear idea of ​​where to find bike lanes -

and protected bike paths and bike shops, and it also alerts you to areas to avoid

Bike Maps will also show you where you can safely store your bike around town -

Or even get it at a shop, co-op or municipal facility. Storage and service facilities are often in the same location

In an effort to make commuting easier and increase convenience, most cities allow you to take your bike on a bus or train when needed -

Is there a specific type of bike I need to ride?

The right bike for you depends entirely on the type of riding you expect to do. City cyclists typically fall into two categories: commuter or recreational cyclists

Mountain bikers or road racers will mostly get their kicks outside the city limits, so these types of bikes are not applicable to city riding

 For the commuter in bike riding, some variations in the versatile hybrid class will suit needs for utility, reliability and capability

 The men's 21-speed hybrid bike is a good all-around example of a great urban commuter. This type of hybrid excels because it handles all general conditions of city riding

When riding a bike for example , it's nice to have a frame that prepares you for performance but also provides some relief and relief for your back.

The tires on the 21- speed hybrid bike are a compromise between mountain and race tires in order to balance speed with traction and stability

Recreational riders have many options depending on how they like to ride

Many city dwellers like to commute on fixed-gear bikes that have the same riding style as a ten-speed bike or a race bike

For theme park rides, which is the safest and most peaceful way to get around the city

The upright riding style and wide, comfortable seat make cruisers the most comfortable style of bike around

It's nice to have a few assist gears for hills or a headwind

Learn how to bike safely in the capital



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