Stationary bike how much do you burn

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Stationary bike how much do you burn? A question asked by everyone who wants to regularly ride a bicycle to lose several kilograms of weight. Before we answer this question in detail in this article, we would like to assure you that you are right. The bicycle will indeed help you reach the weight you want to reach in a very easy way. You just have to keep riding it and never get bored while eating a healthy diet that is low in calories and rich in protein and you will reach what you want and more.

Stationary bike how much do you burn

Specialists in this field differ on determining the calories burned per hour. This difference is due to the weight of the same person riding the bike and the extent of his ability to move his foot and its speed on the bike pedal. As well as the time he can spend on the bike.

In general, experts in this field agreed that the average calories burned per hour ranged from 350: 1000 calories. That is, it varies from person to person according to the factors we mentioned, and therefore, in this way, you can know how much you burn for half an hour on a stationary bike.

My experience with the stationary bike

The stationary bicycle has many benefits, including that it helps you lose excess weight with little effort, compared to many other types of sports in which you need to exercise a lot of effort. It burns the fat accumulated in different places in the body and strengthens the muscles, thus the body becomes slim, the skin is taut, and the appearance is athletic. Scientifically, a bike without a seat is better than one with one, because the muscles of the buttocks move better, which burns the fat around them. If your bike has a seat, you can get the most out of it by standing while riding the bike or sitting but not touching the seat.

An overweight person mentioned his experience with the stationary bike and said it was one of the machines that a fitness trainer recommended to him to use at the gym. He said that it helped him a lot in burning a large number of kilograms of fat, and the faster the movement of the feet, the greater the burning rate. There are also bikes equipped with a screen with certain data such as speed, time and the number of calories that have been lost.

Benefits of stationary bike for women

Women's practice of sports in our Arab world has begun to increase day after day, and a great deal of attention has been paid to healthy diets and the gym. There is no gym whatsoever without a stationary bike, and it has also started to be bought from the Internet to encourage family members to exercise. There is no better site for you than my bike that helps you choose the bike that suits you according to your height and weight, teaches you how to use it, and changes its intensity and seat to suit you or any family member. Here are its benefits in detail:

Weight loss

Sitting at home a lot and lack of movement causes the accumulation of fat in the body as a result of the decrease in the burning rate, so you need a way to increase the burning rate. We offer you the best way, which is riding bicycles, whether stationary or moving, to blow off fat from separate areas of the body such as the feet, abdomen, waist and sides.

Through my experience with the stationary bike for the thighs, it sculpts and tightens them and strengthens the muscles in them, and with time these muscles become stronger and more, which enables you to increase the intensity of the pedals through the gears.

Improve skin health

Lack of exercise makes the skin not taut, while cycling helps you tighten the skin and reduce stretch marks, whether red or white. To get the maximum benefit from cycling the skin is to drink a large amount of water every day while lubricating the skin with moisturizers suitable for your skin type, whether it is dry, oily or normal. Not only that, but it also burns excess fat under the skin, in what is called cellulite, which resembles the appearance of the skin of an orange.

Increased self-confidence

One of the benefits of a bicycle for girls is that it enhances self-confidence resulting from the attractive, athletic appearance of the body. When you get rid of the rumen, flanks, butt fat and thighs, of course, your self-confidence increases many times over. Don't be attracted to the false headlines that say that bicycles are dangerous for girls, as they have nothing to do with the virginity membrane, as these are all rumors. The truth is that it is very beneficial for your skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, digestive and all other systems.

Lift the butt and make it round

All women want to have a sculpted, lifted and round butt. This happens because of the ability of the stationary or moving bike to burn the fat surrounding this area, as well as to enlarge the muscles in it by increasing the intensity of the resistance of the bike. This helps you a lot to improve the shape of the lower half of the body so that it becomes very feminine.

The best types of bicycles 2023

Bicycles come in many sizes and shapes. There are road bikes and mountain bikes, and there are hybrid bikes that combine the specifications of road bikes and mountain bikes. Here are the brands in which you will find these three types in their different forms:

Mountain Cycle Upland Vanguard

One of the best off-road bikes, it is durable and fast at the same time. If you prefer to ride mountain bikes, you will find nothing better than the Japanese brand Upland Vanguard, Shimano. Made of lightweight aluminum, the bike weighs 14.5 kilograms. The front shock absorbers found in the Road Vanguard 500 are also the best if you want an action-packed ride.

You can buy this bike from the best Arab site for selling stationary and mobile bicycles for adults and children, which is my bike. The site offers you this bike at a very excellent price of 1,980.00 Saudi riyals.


It is a hybrid bike that combines road and mountain bikes. Its body is made of aluminium, and thus it resists shocks easily. As for its weight, it is light, at 12.5 kilograms. It also has an Alloy Fork and rims from Cozon, one of the most famous bicycle manufacturers, and the heart of the rim is Joutech Hub. Not only that, but it is equipped with 8 speeds that you can shift from one speed to another according to your progress in driving the bike.

Carbon Cozon X3s Hybird Bike

It is one of the best types of bicycles 2023. If you are a beginner in cycling and want a lightweight bike with which you can travel long distances to achieve physical fitness, you will not find a better bike than this bike offered by my bike site. Its advantages are many, it is suitable for beginners and professionals, it is light in weight and its design is more than wonderful, its speed is appropriate and you can move with it in the city easily. This is in addition to the fact that the fork is carbon fiber, and its price is very excellent, as it is available at a price of 2,980.00 riyals. You can buy it from my bike website by clicking on this link.

Frequently Asked Questions about stationary bike how much do you burn

Does stationary bike burn belly fat?

Yes, with full force, because it is a form of cardio exercise known for its high fat burning. Persist on it and reduce the percentage of fat in the food, and you will get a wonderful result, and in record time you will have a flat, taut stomach.

Does stationary bike sport lose weight?

Yes, that's right, because it burns quite a few calories; In one hour, you burn from 400: 1000 calories.

Does stationary bike slim buttocks?

Yes, and this happens because it increases the rate of burning and strengthens the muscles, and thus you get slimming without sagging in the skin, and the thighs also slim.

stationary bike how much do you burn per hour; We answered this question and said that it varies according to the weight of the person and the extent of his activity and exercise on the bike. In general, you can lose many kilograms of weight easily with the bike and a healthy balanced diet that contains protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, vegetables and two fruits.


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