Bicycle sport and its amazing benefits and how to avoid its damage

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Bicycle sport is one of the most easy types of sport, and despite that, its benefits are very great. We do not exaggerate if we say that it is useful for every part of the body. Its results appear on the health of the body from the inside and its shape from the outside, and it has a more than excellent effect in improving the psychological state. Therefore, we mention to you on our bike website each of these benefits in detail so that you start the habit of riding a bicycle daily while you know what it does to your body.

Bicycle sport

It is not just a method that we resort to when we want to buy orders, but rather a means of obtaining a harmonious athletic body. This applies to men, women and children as well. We will not prolong you, and we will start presenting its benefits as follows:

1- The benefits of a bicycle for the rumen

The rumen may be due to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, which makes it look like this, that is, due to eating unhealthy food full of sugars and fats. You may be surprised that you are eating healthy food, but the rumen is still there! The reason for this is because you eat large amounts of food, which causes an increase in the size of the stomach. To slim down the abdomen, apply the following tips:

  • Follow a healthy diet and reduce the size of meals, and do not eat a meal until 4 hours after the meal has passed before it.
  • Practice riding a bicycle because it helps burn more calories and moves the whole body. This is one of the cardio exercises that helps you lose weight and helps you get a result in a short time.
  • As for the duration of riding a bicycle, it can start with ten minutes a day and then increase the period by two minutes until it reaches a full 30 minutes.
  • With time, you will find that you exceed 30 minutes without feeling the fatigue that you would feel if you started driving it for half an hour the first time.

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2- Cycle for weight loss

If you are looking for the benefits of cycling for weight loss, especially losing weight without sagging and with a tight and strong body, you should ride a bicycle because it works on the following:

  • It is one of the exercises that increases the heart rate and heats the body in what is called "cardio exercises".
  • These exercises aim to burn fat in the entire body in addition to strengthening muscles and increasing stamina.
  • You can buy a bicycle, whether stationary or mobile, from the My Bike website, which helps you choose a bicycle suitable for your height and weight.
  • Take your bikes, put your phone in your ear, start riding for half an hour a day, disconnect from the outside world, and live an indescribable atmosphere and state of mind. Achieve your goal of losing weight while enjoying this sport.

3- The benefits of a bicycle for men

Men are always looking for ways to enhance their sexual desire and ability, and this is because of their nature and formation, so we offer you its benefits in this regard:

  • When you ride a bicycle, you notice that blood circulation is distributed in your body better, and then you sweat and your body temperature rises. Since the blood circulation flows in the body, so it flows in the genital area, which means a better erection.
  • Strengthen your body muscles and thus increase your body strength and improve your performance in intimate relationships.
  • One of the benefits of cycling for men is also that it relieves you of the hormone cortisol, which is the hormone responsible for stress and anxiety. Thus, it helps you calm down and relax, which enhances your sexual desire.

4- The benefits of cycling for women

Riding a bicycle for half an hour a day helps you to:

  • Reducing the whole body, in the event that you want to lose weight, and this happens by practicing cycling while following a healthy diet.
  • It burns the fat accumulated in the thigh area, which helps you to get sculpted thighs free of cellulite.
  • It also works to lift and sculpt the buttocks by burning the fat accumulated on it, in addition to strengthening the muscles. That is, it burns fat, strengthens muscles, and raises the buttocks, making them appear round and lifted.

5- The benefits of cycling for bones

If you are looking for an easy and safe sport that does not cause bone injuries in general and joints in particular, we recommend a bicycle sport that works on the following:

  • Strengthening bones and treating them from weakness and fragility, thus greatly reducing pain.
  • Not only that, but it treats joint stiffness and inflammation, so you can move it easily and without pain.
  • Ride your bike every day for half an hour and eat sources of calcium such as milk, eggs, cheese and ground sesame.

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6- A bicycle means a healthy heart

If you want to know the relationship between regular cycling and a healthy heart, here is the guide:

  • Cycling is a form of cardio exercise that aims to strengthen the heart muscle, which many people think is the only muscle without exercise.
  • Researchers have proven that riding a bike reduces heart disease by 50%, which is quite a significant percentage and prompts you to start forming the habit of riding a bike every day.
  • Not only that, but they also proved that the death rate due to heart disease is reduced by 52% due to regular cycling.
  • A study published in 2019 also proved that riding a bicycle or bicycle reduces harmful cholesterol in the body, which means preventing strokes and heart attacks. On the other hand, the beneficial cholesterol level increases.

The benefits of cycling how much you burn

If you want to lose weight and want to know how many calories cycling burns? We find that it burns 400 calories in half an hour and 1000 calories in an hour. These are very excellent percentages and help you get excellent results if you persevere in this sport in addition to a diet that is completely free of sugar and harmful fats.

Which is better, walking or cycling?

Riding a bicycle is preferable for the following reasons:

  • Light cycling burns 240 calories, or brisk walking burns 250 calories.
  • The bike helps you burn fat at a much better rate compared to walking.
  • It is also useful in building muscles and toning the body, which makes it your first choice.

The harms of riding a bicycle

Although it has very great benefits, it also has damages in the case of choosing a bike that does not fit the body in terms of height, weight and seat height. Its damages are as follows:

  • If the bike doesn't fit you, you'll know it by the pain you feel in your back, buttocks, and knees.
  • It causes pain in the neck and upper back area due to excessive stress.
  • Ulnar neuropathy is the pain felt by a cyclist in the pinky and ring fingers due to irritation of the nerve. It happens because the hand is fixed on the bike for a long time.
  • Arm injuries occur as a result of cycling on slopes.
  • Lower back pain due to lack of flexibility in the thighs while continuing to perform on the bike. This pain may also extend to the buttocks and thighs and is evident when trying to get up after sitting.

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common questions

Is riding a bicycle daily harmful?

It is not harmless, but very beneficial. It activates the cerebral cortex responsible for balance, and also strengthens the nervous system and the body in general.

What are the downsides of a bicycle?

It causes pain in the neck, upper and lower back, as well as the buttocks and thighs. In addition to the feeling of numbness in the lower back and buttocks. It may also cause knee pain.

What are the benefits of cycling?

It has many benefits, it helps to lose weight, burn fat , strengthen muscles, eliminate rumen, and strengthen bones and joints. It also lifts the buttocks and burns the fat surrounding it, and the same applies to the thighs.

We finished our topic, which is cycling. We also presented its benefits and how to benefit from it in addition to the damages. Resort to a doctor or someone who understands bicycles to help you get the right bike for you to avoid the damages of buying a bike that doesn't fit you.


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