What is the air pressure suitable for bicycle wheels? And the best tire accessories

ضغط الهواء في إطارات الدراجة الهوائية

Air pressure in bicycle tires

We all know that tires come in different sizes, sizes and types. Likewise it also has its own distinguishing features
Resistant properties and design distinguish it from others.
Of course, the types and sizes of tires vary according to the types of bicycles

The most important thing you need to know about bicycle tires is how much air there is, the so-called
With pneumatics, today we will learn together about the most important points on this subject, with a detailed explanation
We hope you like it.

Air pressure in bicycle tires:

The most important points that you should know about this topic are:

  • The (bar) : It represents the common non-international unit of pressure, and every 1 bar is equal to 1 normal atmospheric pressure at sea level
  • The (PSI) : It is also a unit of measurement, but it is in the old English system, and it means the weight of one pound or one pound applied to a square inch and is still in effect.
    them in the United States of America.
  • Pascal (Pa): It is the international unit for measuring pressure. Since it is small compared to the previous two, we use kilopascals, which is equal to 1000 Pascals (KPa).

The most important reason that prompts us to know such information is the great benefit of converting between them in the event that we buy a bicycle manufactured for a specific country and not others.
Therefore, we will not know the appropriate amount of air pressure in it.

However, most bicycle tire manufacturers drill several international units
Especially in the country of origin on bicycle tires, which allows them to spread more globally.

As for the conversion between the previous units, it can be said that:

1 bar = 14.50 PSI (pounds per square inch) = 100 kPa.

Find out the air pressure in my bicycle tires:

You can tell what your bicycle tires need by noticing the numbers written or engraved on the tires before and after the PSI unit of measurement.
You will select the appropriate amount of air.

Generally speaking, hybrid and road bikes require 60 PSI air pressure

As for mountain bikes, the appropriate pressure is 80 PSI

Through my bike store , you can get an indicator for measuring air pressure in bicycle tires. This gauge, GIYO GG – 05, is characterized by accuracy in measuring up to 140 PSI, as well as great ease of use and carrying.

The best types of bicycle tire inflators:

Of course, in order to get the right air pressure in your bicycle tires, you will need a perfect and unique inflator. Where you don't have to
Every time to go to a store to inflate it.

And my bike shop offers you the best possible options at the most suitable price of a bicycle pump.

  • The distinctive Geo pump: This large pump comes with a wonderful Taiwanese quality that allows you to apply pressure up to 160 PSI easily and has a comfortable footrest as well as a large measuring screen.
    Likewise, easy-to-move parts achieve the easiest inflation process and can be easily attached to the bicycle frame.

    It is practical and suitable for various types of mountain, hybrid and road bikes. Its price is 97 Saudi riyals.
  • GIYO GP41S Mini Bicycle Pump: This pump is characterized by its small size and portability on a bicycle due to its weight.
    Lightweight, which is also easy to use. It is practical and suitable for hybrid bikes and road bikes and the air pressure it provides is up to 120 PSI.

It is also equipped with a tire pressure gauge.
It is available in my bike store at a price of 64 Saudi riyals.

  • Giyo GP-861S Mountain Bike Mini Inflator: This inflator is distinguished from others by being special with excellent air pressure as well as in a small size and can be used for hybrid bikes and road bikes. It has a gauge indicator and delivers pressure up to 120 PSI

    Its price is 68 Saudi riyals.
  • Giyo GS-05S Digital Electronic Bicycle Inflator: It is clear from its name that it is digital, that is, it contains a digital screen for more accurate measurement of air pressure, as well as great ease of use, and it provides the ability to provide 120 PSI of pressure.
    And its price is 174 Saudi riyals

    Other distinct types:

  • Geo GM-43BT blower: This type is made of aluminum to protect it from corrosion, with a distinctive and attractive design. It can also be easily carried in a backpack and taken with you wherever you go. It provides pressure up to 120 PSI

    It has a highly accurate gauge pointer that gives an accurate expression of the pressure.
    At a price of 162 Saudi riyals.
  • Giyo GP-851P Mini Pump: It can be used for various types of mountain, hybrid and road bikes. Easy to carry and light in weight

    And the unique and cool shape allows you to hold it with ease and provides a pressure of 120 PSI

    Its price in my bike shop is 103 Saudi riyals
  • GP-41A Mini Pump This mini pump offers an ideal solution for inflating hybrid and road bikes. Where you can carry it without feeling it

    And you can know the exact measurement. Allows you to inflate up to 80
    And its price is 76 Saudi riyals.

in conclusion:

Dear customers and visitors, we hope that we will achieve the amount of interest and knowledge you hope for. We always hope to be at your best, as all we care about is gaining your trust
Providing your requirements at the best prices and most successful dealings.

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