The benefits of cycling for the heart

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The benefits of cycling for the heart

from benefits ride bikes aerobic on the health that ride bikes regularly decrease from Danger injury diseases the heart and bowls bloody; And that because ride bikes strengthens muscles the heart, and reduces from levels Fats in the blood, and lowers pulses the heart during rest .

Anders Gruntverd, a Danish researcher, conducted many studies, the most important of which was the study in which he and his colleagues dealt with the data of about 4,500 Danish cyclists. % compared to others who do not practice this sport.

The study also indicated that riding a bicycle for an hour is useful in preventing coronary artery disease.

The results of the studies concluded that the benefits of riding a bicycle for the heart, even if it is done on a regular basis, may prevent 24 percent of obesity cases, 6 percent of cases of high blood pressure, 13 percent of the chances of cholesterol and 11 percent of cases of diabetes in the blood.

will decrease the pressure on your heart And underestimate turn from Danger injury diseases heart . maybe that helps you ride bikes regular also on scale down levels cholesterol bad and reduce Stress and keep on Weight healthy, And all good for your heart

classified clinic Cleveland Clinique ride bikes aerobic one from better five Species from exercise aerobic, , And that for being help and reinforced health the heart, and muscles

He says Gordon Blackburn and he boss programs in to divide re Qualifying the heart in Cleveland Clinique swear illnesses the heart preventative,

that ride bikes Aerobic  It is considered option ideal To practice exercises aerobic that benefit health the heart and bowls bloody

.  result on review methodology There are 16 studies in the literature especially By bicycle .  I showed studies sectional and longitudinal Existence relationship positive clear between ride bikes and fitness hearty respiratory I have youth .

I showed studies the list on Note proactive Existence relationship reverse strong between cycling _ for passengers and deaths caused on all the reasons

And She indicated studies Intervention between adults in age the job to improvements stationary in fitness the heart and bowls bloody And some improvements in Factors danger hearty vascular; because of ride bikes

You can see the best types of bicycles

Effect of cycling on the heart


.  I showed six studies gradually positively fixed in response for the dose between amount ride bikes And the benefits health .  show up Evaluation systematic for quality studies that most of it average to high Quality .


According for standards standard used in denominator the first to evaluate studies Clinical , She was power this Guide strong for benefits fitness physical , and moderate for benefits in Factors danger hearty vascular; , And change decisive to all Reasons deaths , and morbidity illnesses the heart coronary and deaths and more the weight And obesity .


in when that there need to more from Research Intervention to construct a base Cognitive Solid for benefits health to ride bikes , the evidence current reinforce efforts current To promote ride bikes as a contributor Important to improve health population

And he has Found study Danish conducted on over 14 years over 30,000 people range their age Between 20 and 93 years old

that from benefits bikes aerobic on the heart that ride bikes regularly Protect Persons from illnesses the heart

And also Instrument good to improve your fit physical And health your heart will start Two trips two shorts to Shops And return all Day - about 30 minutes from ride bikes daily - in statement System the heart and bowls bloody private with you .


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