What are the benefits of a bicycle for diabetics?

ماهي فوائد الدراجة الهوائية لمرضى السكري؟ - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Benefits of cycling for diabetics

We have previously talked extensively about the benefits of bicycles in general, and then moved on to articles specifically for men
Titled the benefits of a bicycle for men as well as the benefits of a bicycle for women.

We have talked briefly about these benefits. But today we will talk about a very important topic
In detail, it is the benefits of a bicycle for diabetics.

What are the benefits of a bicycle for diabetics?

There is no doubt that we all know the importance of practicing a certain sporting activity frequently and persevering with it.
Starting from this important point, the importance of riding a bicycle begins
Not only that. As the importance of riding a bicycle goes beyond the principle of simple sports for what it carries
It is an integrated sport, as it includes moving all parts of the body in order to obtain a movement together.

Many medical studies have proven that the most important characteristic of cycling is the following:

  • Bicycling is a sport that uses 70% of the muscle mass in the lower body.
  • It is a painless sport because it does not cause any effects on the muscles and other parts of the body.
    If that happens, the effects will quickly disappear.
  • It is considered a constant and repetitive aerobic activity, especially if riding a bicycle daily.
    Thus, it becomes a distinct sport from others.

With regard to the benefits of cycling for diabetics, they are as follows:

Researchers from Syddansk University in southern Denmark carried out a scientific study
25,000 men and 28,000 women, between the ages of 50 and 65, participated in it.

This study collected all the important information about the people's lifestyle and diet. Similarly also all physical activities to them.

The main objective of the study was to demonstrate the importance of making a simple daily commitment to a sport such as cycling
It can help and prevent diabetes.

Indeed, the results were impressive. Where the study came out with very positive results, which were manifested in the following statement
“The more you pedal, the farther away you will be from disease.”
This phrase was a short and expressive description of the many benefits of cycling for diabetics.

Regarding the details:

People who start riding a bike late often have a lower risk
The risk of developing diabetes increased by 20%
Riding a bicycle is also very beneficial for those over 50 years of age.

And of course all of these findings have been published in the journal Plos Medicine

How does cycling help reduce the risk of diabetes?

Some of us may be surprised at the benefits of cycling for diabetics or even any other sport
It can reduce the risk of contracting any other disease. But dear reader, if you know and read what we will offer you
Only you will know the answer and understand the importance of it.

We can say that muscle fibers contain a certain percentage of excess fat deposits, whether simple fats
or triglycerides and this reduces the action of insulin.
As these deposits of fat constitute a primary source of energy. And of course muscle fibers have the ability to
Find out what stocks of energy they have. Thus, it is the one who controls whether or not to send the additional energy request
And that is through a specific enzyme, which means that the body does not need to secrete sugar into the blood.
But this does not activate glucose transporters.

So the body compensates by producing insulin in order to regulate blood sugar.
But in the long run, the work of the pancreas, which secretes insulin, decreases. Thus, the level of insulin in the blood decreases.

Through the above, the benefits of cycling for diabetics lie in burning those fats
Which activates glucose transporters. Thus, it facilitates the action and effectiveness of insulin and reduces
blood sugar levels

Tips for diabetics about cycling:

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise magazine presented an important study, the most important of which was that it is one of the benefits of cycling for diabetics, especially for those who are overweight, for an hour a day.
Well reduces blood sugar up to half within the next 24 hours.

This study also answered the question of many about whether excessive speed helps to reduce sugar
more. The answer is that cycling for half an hour is faster
Reduces blood sugar levels for the whole day by 19%.

And certainly do not forget to offer our followers some additional tips for cycling for diabetics:

  • Take plenty of glucose with you while you cycle. As diabetics will need an extra amount of glucose. Especially
    If the trip is in the countryside, away from the shops and stores.
  • Choose a seat that is suitable for your bike and for the time of your trip. As the comfort of the seat causes you safety in the perineal area, thus preserving the bladder and urinary tract.
    And in my bike shop you can find the best types of comfortable seats for your bicycle.
  • You should know that your need for water will increase during the trip. Hence you should take a good amount of water with you.
    Likewise, through my bike store, you can find the best types of water jets at the best prices.

  • Taking a break is very important to you, especially in intermittent periods, and most importantly, shortly before the end of your trip. This is in order to reach the average heart rate.

We ask God for all diabetics to improve and recover, and we ask God to protect us all from this disease
Certainly evil.

Certainly we did not forget to provide our topic today with all the medically documented references that we relied on
And internationally known you can find them within the article and by clicking on their titles to go to their locations
on the Internet.

We hope that we have provided you, dear followers and visitors, with important and sufficient information about the benefits of cycling for diabetics. We are pleased to have you visit our website and honor my bike store to see the best types of bicycles available to us, as well as their accessories.

Thank you for reading and we always welcome your comments


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