Benefits of cycling for children

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Benefits of riding a bicycle:

Many societies and countries are working to ensure the existence of

Appropriate cycling infrastructure, and if such an environment is available, many people will prefer cycling in their usual trips, as choosing to cycle or walk instead of driving can have a positive impact not only on your daily life and health but on general health urban spaces and local economies
within cities

Benefits of cycling for children

There is no doubt that children love riding bicycles, as it represents a fast and fun experience for them and gives them freedom and independence. Many times you do not need to wait until your children are old enough to ride a bicycle themselves, but you should always teach them from an early age,

You will be more excited if you were an avid cyclist before you had kids, or if you found the right guide on the benefits of riding
Children's bicycles, which we offer to you from the Dar My Bike store

What is the appropriate age for your child to ride ? bicycle

You can take your child from about 12 months old on your own bike. You must take some necessary measures as a means of safety, the most important of which is
  • Putting the helmet on when the child can support his head with the helmet,
  • Small children can be carried in a rear or front child seat
  • Fastening harnesses and padded headrests are a must because kids sometimes fall asleep while riding.
  • Good foot support will make the ride more comfortable for kids, and good padding protects against bumps.
  • Find a seat that can comfort your child
  • Make sure it is in the weight range of your choice

Benefits of taking the kids on your bike

If you love cycling or already ride a bike, you can take your little one from the age of one. The seat provided on your bike helps you carry your child for a ride around the city. After that, as they get older, you can move forward with the purchase of a tricycle or a bike with stabilizers, available at My Bike Shop. But why should you take your little one on a bike? There are many benefits, including:
Improve your fitness
Enhancing your positive mental attitude, cycling to your child can help relieve stress
It improves the interaction between you and your child
Travel around the city for free
Introducing a healthy activity for your children while they are young

Benefits of cycling for children

Cycling is great for your children, as there are a lot of health and psychological benefits for your child, especially if he is in school.
physical activity
Cycling helps to achieve the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day, which a third of children currently do not meet.
Good investment
A good investment in the simple cost and investing in bicycles and some basic tools from the My Bike Store is not financially burdensome for you and your child. On the contrary, the child can buy some of his bicycle tools from his daily expenses, and in this compensation he invests his money and time in a favorite hobby
Academic achievement
Many teachers report that children who walk and bike to school are more alert and ready to learn than those who arrive by car
great experience
It's great fun and many kids can get more excited than traveling by car
Get to know the place
Bicycling can help children learn
their local area and feel part of it

Health benefits of riding a bike for your child

The good travel habits that youngsters learn will last a lifetime, and you know that cyclists breathe in less pollution compared to car drivers. Ride a bike with your kids and you can see the kind of health benefits:
Cycling raises the metabolic rate, which helps maintain weight
Ordinary cyclists have a physique like any normal person ten years younger than they are
Bicycling tones your thighs and bottom, and can also help tone your abs
It can be enjoyed by people of all ages, so grandparents can get involved, too

Best kids bike shop

After we got to know the benefits of cycling for children, we should advise parents to choose bicycles from reliable places. If you are an old cyclist, it will not take you much to search for the most suitable bicycle for your child, but if you are a beginner and you miss learning and riding a bicycle when you are young, then you only have to choose From the bike shop that provides you with all the means to support a unique experience for you and your child to learn
Ride a bike with your child.
It is easier to learn to ride a bicycle when you are young and it is a life skill that your children will have forever, and riding a bicycle does not require much effort to learn, and it has proven to be the most effective means of converting wasted human energy into kinetic energy, it is time to buy a bicycle It is indispensable for your child in the near future, and is irreplaceable in the world of transportation and entertainment.


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