The best types of road bikes in Saudi Arabia for 2022

أفضل أنواع دراجات الطرق في المملكة العربية السعودية لعام 2022 - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

For a short time, it was believed that road bikes were the best way to move between communities close to each other, and this belief is still prevalent in many societies and countries, especially those that are not interested in spreading the culture of cycling among their children, for various reasons. The quality of the roads within these countries may not be ready for the idea of ​​using bicycles for long distances, and the quality of the bicycle may also be unsuitable for the intended use, and cycling athletes in the world seek to provide a practical experience to change the general concept about the bicycle, as cycling is spread in many parts of the world. countries of the world, and the organizers of bicycle races do many races that exceed 50,000 kilometers. Of course, you are not required, as a modern bicycle user, to drive all these distances, as these competitions fall under certain conditions and procedures, but it is a way to bring the general concept of youth closer to changing their idea about The bike, and in this article we will try to bring that concept closer through the most used bike, which is the road bike

What is a road bike?

The road bike or city bike is the most widespread in the world, and it is one of the oldest means of transportation that was used by everyone, especially in small towns and villages. Despite this, the road bike lost the influence it had before, as it was replaced by other means of transportation, and with the development of bicycle manufacturing In the world, the best road bikes now come in a wide range of different shapes, as bicycle manufacturers strive to develop their production until it reaches a shape and design suitable for urban use.

Road bike design

Before making any decision about your bike use, the first step is how you plan to use your bike , if your plan is to go to work, jump long distances, or exercise, as recommended by your doctor, your bike will be different from those of athletes' bikes, as the characteristics are different For each type of road bike, it is important to keep in mind the most important characteristics of a road bike, which are as follows:

  • The road bike is designed so that it can run on smooth pavement quickly, so the road must be suitable for using any type of road bike.
  • The best road bikes are lightweight, weighing less than 7kg, and usually come with round tubes and shallow wheels.
  • You can ride road bikes on paved roads, but most people find them unstable and uncomfortable on unpaved roads, in which case another type of road bike should be used
  • The best road bike is made of aluminum and carbon fiber.
  • Bike tires should be thin and soft, and can be used for off-road racing.
  • Most bicycles designed for road are not able to carry heavy loads, so they are not very suitable for transportation
  • Bike tires are medium in size, they are not wide, nor too thin, and their size ranges from 23 cm to 25 cm,
  • So that the flow of movement on the road.

Types of road bikes

1 - High performance road bikes (racing bike)

High-performance road bikes are racing bikes, they come with a sturdy frame, and this model has two strong advantages: lightness and speed. The materials used for the frame are helpful with the weight of the bike, and the lower handlebars allow the rider to take an ideal position for increasing speed in this class.

2 - long-distance bike

Endurance road bikes are made for long trips, which is why manufacturers of these bikes give top priority to their riders, and focus on providing them with the most comfortable riding position. Endurance bikes also have a more flexible frame to better dampen the vibrations you feel on the trail

3 - Cyclo- cross bikes

Silko Cross road bikes are bikes that are specially made for dirt roads, or gravel roads. Most of the roads were like this in the past, so the bike manufacturers provided this type specifically, and it is characterized by a more generous wheelbase to provide balance for the rider in any position, in addition to its appearance With their strong studs and studded roads, these bikes are great at changing gears in a perfect way around the roundabout.

Gravel bikes, while less competitive, use wider rubber that allows the bike to better travel long distances over unpaved trails. With an endurance trail-inspired frame, gravel bikes offer a great compromise between ride comfort and the ability to handle unpredictable terrain on the road. off road.

(Best road bikes )

Have you found yourself looking for a new road bike? Whether you want to relax, race or go to work, there are many choices suitable for your daily needs that my bike store provides you with, with those characteristics of an ideal road bike, and this list is considered the best in Saudi Arabia for the year 2022

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1- Corazon road bike 105

Do you want to get a new technology in the world of road bikes, of course you can see the technological influences through the design of the components of the Corazon carbon bike, which is more advanced and lighter than its predecessors, it is fast, light, smooth and ready for adventure, the Corazon road bike 105 comes from my bike shop With the following features

  • High performance, balanced design with urban planning within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • The Cousin Dax_105 bicycle is one of the lightest bicycles in terms of weight
  • It helps you climb heights with less effort and powerful performance
  • A bike for fun, exercise and weight loss
  • With the Dax_105 bike, which is classified as a sports road bike, you can lose a lot of weight, as it burns between 400 and 1000 calories per hour.

2 - Cozon Hybrid Bicycle | Cozon X3E black from my bike

  • The Hybrid X3 is a lightweight city bike
  • CST high tire technology
  • Comfortable mattress and vibration resistance
  • Carbon fork, which gives it a high-performance design
  • Equipped with high performance hydraulic disc brakes
  • This bike is specially designed for women starting from the general structure
  • Shimano shifters
  • Comfortable bike seat brings you an excellent riding experience
  • Hybrid bike

3 - Sport bike Upland 300

Upland bikes from my bike store are ideal for long trips, thanks to the fact that they contain the best seat made of sports and medical mattresses, which allows you to travel long distances. Comfortable with great features and suitable for people who have a lifestyle that involves some kind of physical activity

The reason is due to the fact that the body secretes both the hormone adrenaline and endorphins, and the accompanying confidence that comes from achieving new things, as with this sports bike from my bike you can get many ways that contribute to adjusting your daily mood in an ideal way, the Upland sports bike is characterized by its structure Lightweight wheels and strong Japanese engines

  • The front derailleur is from Japanese Shimano Tiagra, with two speeds, while the rear derailleur is from Japanese Shimano, Tiagra, with 10 speeds.
  • Therefore, it provides you with speed and fluidity in movement and makes it easier for you to drive, including on different roads.

The use of bicycles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become one of the importance that most authorities attach to raising a new generation at a high level, physically and mentally. My bike store contributes to spreading awareness, as cycling is no longer a priority for pleasure and luxury only, but has become an urgent necessity in light of changing energy prices. Besides that the bike will make you a first-class athlete, it will also make you uniquely economical.


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