What is the best lock for bicycles? The best locks available

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Bicycle lock and accessories for personal protection and safety

Welcome, our followers, again to another article related to bicycle protection, this topic that we had talked about in our previous article , protecting bicycles from rust.

Today, to talk about a continuation, the protection of bicycles is completely linked to maintaining their safety and providing the best lock for bicycles, which makes them difficult to steal.

As always, My Bike Store will provide you with the best options of accessories. Similarly, distinctive types of the best so-called locks for bicycles are also available

Today we will review the most important types of locks and the most high quality and safest available in my bike shop .

Best bike lock and types available in my bike shop:

Of course, we all understand the importance of preserving what we own from theft or loss. Not only to save his money, but also, as it was said, the purpose when he needs it is precious, no matter what
Say it

Likewise for a bicycle. As bicycle lovers and old riders consider it a part of them and it is of great importance to them beyond any purpose
post they have.

Therefore, we at my bike store are proud to offer the best types of bicycle locks with excellent and great quality, as follows:

  • Large U- shaped bike lock: The best bike lock or special bicycle lock is a large and strong lock that is resistant to damage and breakage.
    It is produced by the well-known Lotte Company. As for its working mechanism, it is through locking the double screws inside it, which are resistant to picking or pulling, and the presence of holes in it, as well as the cover, contribute to its protection.
    And certainly do not forget the presence of a strong steel link inside it, which increases its strength.
    In addition to all that, it is quick to install, and this is the most characteristic of the lock, how many of us will get bored quickly
    Whoever solves a riddle and how to lock his bicycle, leaves it and goes.

    It is available in my bike store at a price of about 96 Saudi riyals
  • Bicycle key lock: It is of course one of the simplest types of bicycle locks available in the region
    . But what distinguishes my bike store is that it offers this type of lock with high quality and great durability because it is made of strong steel. which guarantees its resistance to dislocation
    It is worth mentioning in this context that this type of bicycle lock is preferable to lock the most important part of the bicycle
    This is after linking the other parts with another chain. As it locks only one part.
    If you lock the top, the tires may be stolen.
    The price of this lock is only 72 Saudi riyals.

Note: This lock can also be used to lock gates and lockers. Although it is mainly a bicycle lock

Featured smart lock:

  • Bicycle Lock: This lock is similar to a key lock, as it is from the same well-known company as Lotte. But sure
    Comes with secret numbers instead of the key. But it is a modern, smart and modern model.
    In addition to being made of steel, it is coated with a layer of PVC, which achieves an efficient stress tolerance
    High (tensile) as well as shear. Which contributes to enhancing security and protection in it. Moreover, you do not need to monitor the key in order to avoid the problem of losing it every time.

    The price of this lock is only 78 riyals.

In the same context, and in order to display distinctive and required accessories in our store related to protection and personal safety
We present to you the protective mask from the Lotte Company. Which is characterized by multiple colors and attractive designs to suit all tastes

Even for the ladies. Some of them are resistant to dirt and dust, and some of them consist of several layers to protect and prevent viruses.
And all for one price of 38 Saudi riyals.

Other distinctive colors and wonderful designs

As for the protective medical mask, we did not forget to provide it to our customers with the best possible health protection conditions and from the well-established Cozon company .

At a price of 39 Saudi riyals.

at the end:

Through the above, dear reader, we must note that My Bike Store offers you the best and optimal solutions to protect your bicycle
and ensure its safety.

As it provides you with all that you may need in terms of important and unique accessories and accessories that we offer you in a way that distinguishes us from other stores. For example, cell phone holders and rain holders
Which we will present to you in other subsequent articles, God willing.


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