How long is the bike ride?

كم مدة ركوب الدراجة الهوائية؟ - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

How long do you ride a bike, which is better, walking or cycling? What are the benefits of riding a bicycle for men and women? Many cycling enthusiasts are looking for these and other questions about the benefit of driving bicycles, and perhaps the most prominent of these questions is related to the duration of riding a bicycle and what is the appropriate time to ride it, with the spread of the new Corona virus in the past years, riding a bicycle has become of great importance. This is to move from one place to another and use it as transportation, in addition to benefiting from it in exercising and getting rid of excess weight. Today, through the “ My Bike for Bicycles ” website, we will learn about how long a bicycle ride is and what are its benefits in detail.

bicycle riding

Bicycles are among the cheapest means of transportation in the world, and millions use them today around the world, especially in China, the Netherlands, and a number of Arab countries in order to move from one place to another and practice cycling, in order to obtain its many and many benefits, so many are keen to ride it. daily and for specific periods of time.

In fact, opinions differed about how long we should ride the pneumatic bike, whether it is an Ashby bike, a bmx bike, or any of the best types of bicycles in Saudi Arabia 2023. It is important that you buy a bicycle in which you carry out your daily activity, but We do not advise you to be excessive, as balance and moderation in all matters of life is required and necessary.

How long is a bike ride?

As we mentioned earlier, scientific studies and expert opinions differed in determining the duration of bicycle riding. Researchers found that daily cycling stimulates motor areas that work on coordination and balance in the human nervous system, but they differed in knowing the duration of bicycle riding per day, and there are more than Opinions are as follows:

  • Where experts recommended that 30 minutes be allocated on a daily basis to riding bicycles in the roads and places, or practicing stationary cycling in the halls and indoor places, which is the minimum to get the benefit of riding a bicycle, and enjoy its advantages that no one can deny.
  • Another opinion says that the duration of riding a bicycle may reach 60 minutes, i.e. a full hour in the morning or evening without excess, which is the minimum for driving a bicycle and moving it in order to go to your journey and at the same time exercising while walking by moving the buttocks and abdomen and getting rid of grease and fat in the these areas.

With this, we can say that the difference is a reality, as there are those who say that it is half an hour, and others from experts and researchers prefer an hour of time, provided that it is not excessive, in order not to fall victim to the negatives of riding a bicycle instead of its benefits.

How long is a bike ride?

What are the instructions to follow when using a bicycle?

There are many instructions and instructions that must be taken into account when you start riding or using a bicycle, and they are among the safety rules, as follows:

  • Wear a head helmet to protect your head in the event of an accident, God forbid, and the My Bike website provides you with many helmets that you can wear to protect your head from being crushed.
  • Wear protection for the knees, when falling off the bike, the places most exposed to danger are the bones, specifically the knee protectors, so wear protections that are worn on the knees, so as not to be exposed to extreme danger.
  • Ensure that the bicycle brakes work, and this is necessary and important, as the road is full of cars and people, as the bicycle brake works to stop it when needed or when descending from the slopes.
  • Walk in the place for bicycles, as many countries put lines to determine the location of bicycles away from cars and trains, and this is what we unfortunately do not see in some Arab countries.
  • Do not ride a bicycle at night, as at this time the lighting is weak when the cars that may come from behind you, and in the event that you have to do this, it is good to wear the lights or special clothes so that the driver can see you.
  • Installing lights on the brakes of bicycles, and on the back of the bicycle, in order to distinguish yourself from others and so that drivers can see you when the street lighting is inappropriate and poor.
  • Ensure that there is a clear field of vision by using bicycle lights, prominent clothes, and light reflectors that protect you from any accident.

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Benefits of cycling for weight loss

In a related context about the duration of riding a bicycle, there are many benefits that accrue to the person who rides a bicycle, and perhaps one of the most important benefits of cycling for men and women is that it works to lose weight and lose excess fat and grease in the body.

Where the bicycle works to increase the burning of calories inside the body, and this matter in turn works to get rid of excess obesity, as the bicycle works to burn fat in the buttocks and abdomen areas in particular, because all movement takes place in these exact places.

Therefore, it is recommended to ride pneumatic bicycles in order to get rid of the problem of excess obesity, and to maintain a slender, slender body, and at the same time benefit from its other benefits, and this may lead to the question, which is better, walking or riding a bicycle? .

Benefits of riding a bicycle

In the context of talking about the duration of riding a bicycle, it is good to mention the benefits of other bicycles, which are as follows:

  • The bicycle works to improve the psychological and mood, by getting rid of the problem of winter depression, anxiety and lack of sleep.
  • To get rid of body fat and lose weight.
  • It increases the ability of men, and improves the erection process during intercourse.
  • The benefits of cycling for the heart, as it works to strengthen the heart muscle and prevent the accumulation of fat in the arteries.
  • Maintaining blood sugar, and preventing diabetes.
  • Getting rid of blood pressure, maintaining your health and body safety.
  • Mental and psychological well-being that increases your performance throughout your day.
  • Great activity, vitality, and effectiveness, away from laziness.

Riding a bike for half an hour burns

The answer to the question we cannot give a definitive answer to, as this matter depends on many factors, including the nature of the body itself, the period during which you practice riding a bicycle, and other factors that determine how much fat the bicycle will keep if you ride a bicycle. By riding it for half an hour or an hour, it also depends on how many kilometers the bicycle travels per hour.

In conclusion, in today's article, we got to know how long a bicycle ride is, and in it we touched on a lot of information related to bicycles, and we listed safety and security standards, through the My Bike website, which is considered the best website for bicycles in Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Arab Gulf.


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