How long is the bike ride?

كم مدة ركوب الدراجة الهوائية

How long is the bike ride? Fans of riding this fun sport ask about the time they should spend riding a bike in order to bring its great benefits, which we will talk about in detail. Since there are long-term goals and benefits, that is, you need a long time to achieve them, and other short-term benefits. Short-term effects that you will notice from the first ride such as improved mood, increased productivity, reduced stress and anger. As for long-term such as losing weight, improving the health of the heart and body organs, improving memory.

How long is the bike ride?

The duration that helps you achieve long-term goals is 30 minutes at least three times a week. If you are a beginner in cycling, you can start with five minutes and gradually increase the duration by three minutes by three minutes until you reach a full half hour. After you get used to riding it for a long time, you will be able to ride it every day, and this achieves what you expect from riding a bike.

The benefits of a bicycle

Start replacing transportation like cars, trains, and motorcycles with bicycles. This saves you loads of money in exchange for buying your health and wellness that will improve day by day as you advance in the sport of cycling. Let's not prolong you and let's start mentioning its benefits:

Benefits of cycling for weight loss

Studies have shown that cycling for half an hour a day helps burn 400 or 500 calories. This helps you lose weight, and while continuing to ride it helps you lose the extra kilograms that you want to get rid of. In addition to the following:

  • Cycles increase the heart rate because it is a cardio exercise. These exercises burn fat very effectively.
  • You will notice that the bike reduces the fat around the waist as well as the abdomen. In addition, it strengthens the lower abdominal muscles in the so-called lower abdomen.
  • It also eliminates the rumen, and you will notice this clearly when you wear a shirt or T-shirt.

Benefits of cycling for women

Women strive to have a toned body with a sculpted waist and butt, and an ideal weight. Therefore, get used to the sport of riding a bicycle, which helps you to:

  • Slimming down and losing the extra kilos that prevent you from wearing the clothes you love.
  • The higher the resistance on the bike, the greater the muscle strength, the tightening of the thighs and the buttocks, and the higher it will be.
  • Not only that, but it also helps you sculpt the waist area, which is the area where fat accumulates the most.
  • That is, it helps to distribute the fat properly so that it is concentrated in the breast with a small percentage distributed over the entire body. This makes your body look feminine and attractive.
  • If you suffer from some sagging and cellulite that make the skin look bad; You can get rid of all of that with a daily 30-minute bike ride. Tightens the skin and eliminates any sagging in any part of the body.

The benefits of cycling for the heart

The organ of the body that benefits most from cycling is the heart. A study was conducted by the Danish Anders Gruntverd, who conducted a study on 4,500 cyclists, and the study concluded with the following results:

  • Prevention of coronary artery disease.
  • The incidence of heart disease decreases for people who practice cycling by a rate ranging from 11% to 18% compared to non-practitioners.
  • It protects against obesity by 24%, high blood pressure by 6%, bad cholesterol by 13%, and diabetes by 11%.
  • The World Health Organization confirmed that cycling enhances the flow of blood circulation and thus increases it in the blood. This leads to lowering of harmful cholesterol which ultimately leads to prevention of atherosclerosis.
  • The Lancet published a study last 2020. This study proved that death rates resulting from heart disease decreased by 24% for people who kept cycling. And that's after tracking them for 25 years.

Benefits of riding a bicycle for men

  • It perfectly strengthens the muscles of the body, and the strength of the muscles increases as the intensity of the resistance increases. This makes the leg muscles visible and you will get a very excellent result if you follow a healthy balanced diet.
  • Strengthens the muscles of the lower back, lower abdomen and buttocks, as well as the hamstrings.
  • reduce and strengthen joint pain; This is because it enhances the process of pumping blood around. It also reduces knee joint pain because it moves it with other foot joints that put pressure on it.
  • Helps you follow a healthy, low-fat diet and helps you eat meals on time. This happens because athletes know that the burning process stops at seven in the evening, and therefore they eat low-calorie snacks in the evening. They also do cycling in the morning to increase their metabolism.
  • It makes you look younger than your age because it helps you to maintain physical fitness.
  • Improves blood circulation in the body and thus enhances sexual desire in men.
  • Improve their sexual health, as proven by studies. It concluded that people who practice cycling reduce their impotence rate after reaching the age of fifty by 25% to 30%.
  • It helps you to gain a suitable weight in addition to strengthening the muscles and thus you get a physical fitness. This definitely affects your sexual ability.
  • You can ride an hour bike every day to increase your physical fitness. But focus on sitting correctly so as to remove pressure on the perineum so that sexual problems do not occur. So stay away from the Y-shaped seat.

Cons of riding a bicycle?

Despite its many benefits that we talked about, it also has disadvantages, which are as follows:

  • It causes problems for men due to pressure on the perineum. It is the area between the genitals and the anus. When pressing on this area, pressure occurs on the nerves, which leads to a feeling of numbness in the genitals. To solve this problem, stay away from the Y bike seat so as not to put pressure on the perineum.
  • It causes pain in the lower back, buttocks and groin. So keep your back straight and don't overextend the bike.
  • Feeling pain in the pinky and ring fingers as a result of the nerve under the forearm. To avoid this problem, adjust the handlebar so that your hand is comfortable and do not leave your hand on the handlebar without moving for a long time.
  • It causes neck pain that radiates to the middle of the back and may make it difficult to move or bend your neck. This problem occurs due to a lack of flexibility in the neck.
  • hand and arm injuries; It happens when the road is uneven.
  • If you have any kind of problem and fear cycling. You can consult a doctor to determine if they will be harmful or not. It also helps to make a cycling exercise schedule if it will help you.

Frequently asked questions about how long to ride a bike

How many kilometers does a bicycle travel in an hour?

Speed ​​varies according to several factors such as:

  • air direction; If it's your opposite, you'll feel like you're pushing back.
  • It also varies according to the road, as the easy road speeds up your driving, while the bumpy road will definitely reduce your speed.
  • In addition to the type of bike; A light racing bike will greatly increase your speed.
  • In general, you can travel a distance of 25 km / h, and the distance may increase or decrease depending on the bike and the factors we mentioned.

Which is better, walking or cycling?

Walking is of course beneficial, but cycling achieves the same result as walking and more. As it strengthens the muscles and treats the problem of joint pain, especially the knee joint. It also helps to lose weight and tighten sagging skin. Not only that, but it strengthens the heart and improves the health of the respiratory system significantly.

We answered your question, which is how long do you ride a bicycle? We also talked about its benefits. Start practicing this fun sport and don't forget to choose the right bike and buy helmets and safety tools from my bike site. We also emphasize that you do not eat food immediately before riding the bike so as not to get stomach disorders. Don't forget sunglasses and sunscreen to avoid skin burns caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays.


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