How to properly use the brakes on a bicycle

Using the brakes on the bicycle in the correct way

Almost all of us who ride a bike need to stop from time to time. But the question is, is it random? In other words, is the process of braking a bicycle or braking random?
The answer is yes. This is because many of those who ride a bicycle only know how to apply the brakes to stop the movement without considering any other important things.

But of course we are today and in this article we will give you, dear followers, the most important tips and useful ideas in order to learn how to use the brakes and the most appropriate moments. This is in order to ensure your safety in the first place.

How and when to use bicycle brakes:

Using the brakes has to do with a lot of things that you should know, the most important of which is the speed at which you are driving. Likewise also the road and its unity.
For example, applying the brakes on a flat road is different from when to apply the brakes on an incline.

The most important points to know about how to park a bicycle:

  • Use the brakes on the bicycle in the correct way: push your weight back:

When you apply the brakes, the brake shifts your weight to put pressure on the front wheel. Thus, the braking process becomes less effective.

But if you push your weight back by making your body load on the rear wheel, this will certainly increase the effectiveness of the braking process and stop the bicycle perfectly.

Excess weight on the front wheel, especially when driving fast, may cause you to suddenly fall off the bike. This, of course, will happen as long as you did not know or see such information previously.

So work on practicing this skill well. You can do this before you start riding your bike for a short time in a large park or yard.

After a while, you will be ready to do this work without even thinking about it.

  • Stay off the brakes when cornering:

Indeed, most of the able riders stay away from pressing hard on the brakes when cornering. As this will make the movement of the front wheel straight and this is something you will not want at all when cornering or turning.

So the best way is to control your speed, push your weight back, press the brakes a little to reach the right speed, and then release it quickly. This is because this action lowers your center of gravity allowing you to have more control of your bike.

Of course this means that you need to be ready to take control of the back wheel because it is much easier than controlling the front wheel. Thus, you avoid the risk of slipping and falling.

  • Maintaining relaxation:

When riding a bicycle, you must be able to control the pressure of your grip on the handlebars, because you inadvertently if you suffer from any trembling or tension in your hands. This will result in poor control of the bike's brakes.

For example, you may press with more force than required, which leads to a sudden stop in the wrong place, and this may lead to slipping or falling.

So you have to keep calm and avoid any tension in your hands or shoulders that affects your pressure on the brakes.

  • Use your bike brakes the right way: Pay attention to how you brake on wet roads

You should also know that braking on a wet road is about 3 times weaker than on a dry road. This is definitely something that you should not overlook, since if you use the brakes hard, you will be unable to avoid the risk of slipping and falling.

This is because the pressure of the brakes on the wheels causes them to lock and thus lose control.

  • Pay attention to the type of wheels on your bike, as well as the brakes:

Of course if the brakes you are using are of excellent quality like the hydraulic brakes available in my bike shop then you don't need to worry so much about effective braking and stopping. As these brakes are considered one of the best types of brakes available, which are characterized by high and immediate braking capacity.

Likewise, you also have to take into account the type of wheels on your bicycle, because this also has a lot to do with the braking process. Because there are several types of tires with high slip resistance. Thus, it protects you a lot from the risk of slipping.

At the end of our conversation, dear followers, we assure you that through my bike store, you can choose the best types of bicycles. And also the best accessories available.

You can, of course, if you wish, replace the basic brakes on your bike with other types that are better than them and at a special price.

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