How do I choose a comfortable bike mattress?

كيف اختار مرتبة مريحة للدراجة الهوائية - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Mattresses represent a variety of different shapes and sizes to provide several options to suit all cycling enthusiasts

They want to change the seats of their bicycles when the mattress expires due to so much use that you have to

You change it to another that provides you with sufficient comfort in Your seating area, the commander's comfort is very important and necessary

An urgent need to be achieved so that he can ride the bike normally for the longest possible distances while feeling comfortable

Adequate stability, in case the mattress is not suitable, wrinkled and uneven when the leader sits on it, he will not feel

With any rest, therefore, he is likely to stand more than once when he intends to travel long distances in order to take a break

Comfort and stability so that he can continue his journey towards his intended destination, all the mattresses in My Bike Shop are done

Manufactured from materials that diligently work to provide a comfortable board that works on the balance and stability of the cyclist in its seat,

Here are some mattresses that have been provided with a special layer of flexible gel, my bike has always made sure to choose

Famous and well-known brands for providing suitable mattresses to their customers, and this is what made them in a position of great trust

Its customers, as they always praise what the company is doing in the field of bicycles, and the matter did not stop there

Providing mattresses for bicycles only, but they provide a different number of bicycles, such as mountain bikes and bicycles

Sports and women’s bikes, in addition to children’s and family bikes, which allow carrying more than four people at a time

the one.

Adjust the height of the bicycle seat

1- Know that the correct height of the seat is the first step, as this helps you to switch correctly

2- Your knee should be bent so that you are straight in an athletic position while sitting on the seat

3- Using a hexagonal screwdriver or a dedicated tool to disassemble and adjust the seat's lower column at the junction of the seat with the frame

The most important material used in mountain bike mattresses

The companies that developed the seats specially prepared for bicycles worked after they were able to know the environmental conditions

The harsh conditions that cyclists pass through, which are usually characterized as off-road driving, sometimes known to be full

With bumps and potholes in addition to stones, haystacks and twigs that fill the off-road, in addition to driving it

On well-known racetracks, all these conditions a unique mountain bike seat design had to withstand

All these kinds of harsh conditions, they were able to make the seat out of a high quality plastic that has a highly responsive ability

to the pressures applied to it, in addition to being flexible and subject to expansion and contraction, so that the cyclist is not affected by any fatigue or fatigue during

Mountain bike riding


Since the mattress is considered a basic unit that was provided on the My Bike website, which requires a classification of its own

It does not contain any other things related to bicycles other than the different and wonderful mattresses that provide sufficient comfort and comfort

In order for the rider to enjoy the road naturally without any problems resulting from the bad position installed in the bike

Here you will find the following mattresses, a comfortable bicycle mattress, a bicycle mattress, a mountain bike seat,

Comfortable Bicycle Seat Cover Comfortable Gel Bike Seat Cushion Cover Bicycle Mattress Bicycle Mattress

Spacious for bicycles, comfortable bicycle mattress

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