How to choose the right bike for your child in terms of size

كيف تختار الدراجة المناسبة لطفلك من حيث الحجم - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Children's bicycles are of great interest among bicycle-producing companies, as well as among parents who want to fulfill their children's desire to buy a new bicycle, especially since children are born with a love of adventure and experience that bicycle stores provide throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by offering an impressive assortment of bicycles. The best children's bikes, and the most important question remains , how can you choose a suitable bike for your child ? The size of the bike may be the main factor in determining its purchase, and this is what we will present to you in this article

Just the right size for a perfect bike for kids

Choosing a bike of the right size for your child is the most important thing that guarantees a safe riding experience, and creates a new adventure that allows them to discover the environment around them with friends and family. Most parents make a big mistake when they buy a bike in a way that does not fit the size of their child. The best way to determine what size bike your child needs. The best indicator of the right size for your child is how comfortable they feel on the bike. It's best to have your child try out several bikes on their own so they can sit on the seat, grab the handlebars, test the brakes, and take the bike for a spin to be sure. Ensure that they fit and that they can pedal comfortably A skilled technician at My Bike Shop can help you make the best choice. If you are not able to size the bike yourself, it is still possible to find one by taking the child's measurements and comparing them to the bike's specs.

What size bike does my child need?


Unlike adult bikes which are measured by tire size, children's bikes are measured by wheel size. The most popular children's bikes start from 12" wheels all the way up to 24", however, wheel size is just one point to make. Consider when looking for a children's bike, but keep in mind that age is not a major determining factor when determining the size of a child's bike, because of differences in children's height, torso, and legs within the same age group, a bike that will fit a 7-year-old may be too big for For another 7-year-old with shorter legs, bikes with wheels of the same size may also vary between bike manufacturers, however, My Bike Shop experts like to measure a child's height when choosing the right bike for him, because height is the best indicator of which bike to choose. You buy it for your child, rather than the age.

Children's bike dimensions


Bicycle shop experts advise you to rely on the size of the bike for your child by choosing the appropriate size for his height, stem length, and sometimes weight, and this is the most important way to buy the right bike for your child's needs. Children's bicycles in Riyadh bother searching, instead we offer you a list of different sizes of children's bicycles.

Kids bike size 12

  • Size 12 is suitable for a child who is beginning to learn to ride a bike.
  • This size is available with pedals and two auxiliary wheels that can be removed.
  • The best is to choose a two-wheel design only with an emphasis on keeping the child balanced on the bike
  • Studies have shown that children who learn how to ride a bike with Balance Bikes "without pedals" do better than their peers who learn with pedals.
  • Suitable for baby from 2-4 years old
  • Length from 30-39 cm
  • Stem length from 12-17 cm.

Children's bike size 14

  • A size 14 bike is usually a single speed.
  • It is durable and lightweight
  • It gives your little one the confidence to ride.
  • Suitable for children from 4-8 years old.
  • Length from 44-37 cm.
  • Stem length from 16-20 cm.

Children's bicycle size 1 6

  • Suitable for children outside the home as it is tough and strong
  • It is classified as a type of mountain bike.
  • Bear running in public gardens and parks.
  • Perfectly suitable for children aged 5-8 years.
  • Length from 48-39 cm.
  • Stem length from 18-22 cm.

Children's bike size 2 0

  • It contains a lot of gears.
  • Tires and wheels are stronger and more solid.
  • It provides your child with a new and exciting experience in the world of riding a bike.
  • Suitable for children from 6-10 years old.
  • The length of the child is 52-42 cm.
  • Stem length from 21-25 cm.

Children's bike size 24

  • This size bike is the last stop in teaching your child to ride a bike.
  • The child can be more professional in riding the bike.
  • It can be used to do some work and spend simple trips outside the house.
  • Suitable for children ages 10-14.
  • The length of the child is from 50-58 cm.
  • Stem length 25-30 cm.

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Shop my bike shop

You can now shop through the My Bike store , and save effort in searching for the right bicycle for your child , as it provides a variety of children's bicycles of different sizes, designs, high quality, and low cost, for all young ages, and the store expert also provides you with some questions and advice about the appropriate bicycle For your child, you must first ask yourself some questions before buying a bike, which are:

How tall is the child (or how long does he have legs)?

Standing height measurement is an important factor in choosing a bicycle, which is that the child is able to ride the bicycle with his feet on the ground for comfort and safety.

Can they reach the leash?

The child should be able to comfortably hold the handlebars without fully extending their arms, and they should also be able to steer easily and apply the handbrake, which is offered starting with 20-inch bikes.

How high is the seat?

The child should be able to sit comfortably, and fortunately most children's bikes are designed so that they ride in a more upright position, and their legs should be slightly bent at the bottom of the pedal stroke

Finally, dear father, the time has come for you to present a precious gift to your child. A high-quality, comfortable bicycle from my bike store represents the ideal gift for every child, due to the many health benefits that the child enjoys when using it, in addition to the spirit of adventure and fun provided by the bicycle, which is recommended It has child psychology experts.



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