Is riding a bike forbidden for girls?

هل ركوب الدراجة حرام للبنات؟ - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية
  • 1. Is riding a bicycle forbidden for girls?
    • 1.1 Ruling on riding a bicycle for girls in Islam
    • 1.2 Pink Crystal Bicycle
    • 1.3 Benefits of riding a bicycle for girls
    • 1.4 x 90 women's bike
    • 1.5 Frequently Asked Questions
      • 1.5.1 Does riding a bicycle negatively affect a girl?
      • 1.5.2 Does riding a bicycle lead to loss of virginity?
      • 1.5.3 Does cycling help increase height?
      • 1.5.4 Does riding a bicycle flatten the stomach?
Is riding a bike forbidden for girls, as some say? Or is it one of the nonsense uttered by those who want to imprison her freedom? Are there any benefits of riding a bicycle for girls? This is what we will explain in detail in the lines of our topic today through the My Bike website , which offers the best women's bikes. Continue reading to learn the details.

Ruling on riding a bicycle for girls in Islam

Many ask a thorny and important question, which states: Is riding a bicycle forbidden for girls? Here is the clear answer to this question from a religious point of view.
The answer is no. Because a girl's use of a bicycle or any other means of transportation is legally permissible in religion. It has been proven on the authority of the wives of the Prophet, the wives of the Companions, and the Arab women at the time of the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, that they used to ride animals and camels, which is one of the things permitted to them by religion.
And he, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “The best women who ride camels are the women of Quraysh.
Therefore, if you have doubts or hesitations about the question of whether riding a bicycle is forbidden for girls, we have removed your doubt with certainty by proving the permissibility of riding it. You can go to this site and see the latest and best types of women's and classic bikes to enjoy practicing this healthy sport through them.
It is also worth noting that before riding a bicycle for girls, it is obligatory to preserve Islamic etiquette and legal clothing so that riding it does not result in any temptation. Because the act that results in the occurrence of sedition is forbidden by the Sharia of religion.

Pink crystal bicycle

Pink crystal bicycle. Is riding a bicycle haram for girls?
After finding out whether riding a bicycle is forbidden for girls or not, and we have mentioned the evidence for the permissibility of riding it, we can recommend to you the “ Pink Crystal Women’s Bicycle ” that is intended for women in its color and features. It also helps them feel comfortable and confident while driving without fear of violating morals and dress code in general.
The bike is characterized by its light weight and ease of carrying, with a weight of only 13 kilograms, and its advantages also include:
  • Wide seat with double cover for psychological and physical comfort while sitting.
  • Aluminum body.
  • The fork is steel with a front basket.
  • Its external appearance is completely in line with women's taste.
  • Equipped with 7 speeds to control the speed ratio.
  • Suitable for women from 145 to 170 cm in height.
Finally, you can access the women's crystal bike or check out the latest other bikes through the Darjit website , which offers unparalleled products accompanied by the best features and offers. The price of the pink Crystal bike is about 1380 Saudi riyals only.

Benefits of riding a bicycle for girls

Looking at the question of whether riding a bicycle is forbidden for girls or not, we can say that the matter is not limited to the legalization of riding it. In fact, there are also many benefits resulting from riding it for women, which are represented in the following matters
  1. Light pressure on the joints: Riding a bike for girls helps them move their bodies, and enhances the process of pumping blood in the body. Which leads to excellent physical results without excessive stress on the joints.
  2. Strengthening physical immunity : Exercising leads to changes in the white blood cells within the antibodies, which results in a rise in body temperature and prevents the growth of bad bacteria. Thus, the body fights infection and combats external pollutants.
  3. Gaining Vitamin D : Riding a bicycle helps stimulate the absorption of phosphorous and calcium. As a result, the immune system function is easier to gain vitamin D, which helps the body and muscles grow naturally.
  4. Breast cancer prevention: Scientific studies have shown that women who engage in physical activities on a regular daily basis are less likely to develop breast cancer, especially in the postmenopausal age. Because the probability of developing breast cancer in this period is higher than before.
  5. Enhancing stamina: Girls can increase their stamina by practicing bike riding without training to ride it first. Because it is one of the easy sports that can be learned gradually, and you do not need previous physical requirements for it.
  6. Sleep better: Psychological scientific studies have shown that regular cycling, daily for at least an hour, helps to improve the rate of physical relaxation. And get a healthy, quiet sleep. It serves those who suffer from the problem of insomnia.
  7. Increased self-confidence: because the practitioners of this sport face many difficulties in their ways. As they overcome them, they develop a sense of pride and self-confidence as a result of overcoming these difficulties.
  8. Strengthening the muscles of the heart and body: The muscles most likely to be positively affected by riding a bicycle are the muscles of the heart and thighs, and this means that they are the most used in this sport. In addition, the motor exercise includes other muscles (shoulders, neck, forearms, back, knees, and core).
  9. Reducing negative feelings and raising morale: According to psychological scientific research, riding a bicycle and practicing physical activities daily for at least an hour leads to the secretion of the “endorphins” hormone, which works to reduce stress and depression, and similarly leads to raising morale to obtain happiness.

Women's bike X90

Women's bike X90
After we have realized the possibility of women preserving their Islamic etiquette and their legal dress while riding a bicycle, we can put in your hands the " X90 bicycle for women " that allows them to drive anywhere, helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle, and engage in recreational outdoor experiences. And different.
In view of its external design and general structure, it is perfectly suitable for women to gain all the health benefits that we talked about through it. For example, the feeling of self-confidence while driving according to its appropriate measure, and its front fork that helps balance on rough roads and terrains.
Also, the most prominent feature:
  • Aluminum body.
  • SR SUNTUR XCT 29 fork.
  • Its light weight is only 14 kilograms.
  • Shimano Tourney TY 301 crank, 42/34/16.
  • Wheel made of Bland aluminum.
  • Japanese gear shifters.
  • Perfect for beginners.
To access the X90 bike, you can go to my bike website , and get it at a price of 1480 Saudi riyals only. You can also view bicycles with various other features that are suitable for all categories through the site.

common questions

Does riding a bicycle affect the girl negatively?

The answer is that it does not have a negative effect, on the contrary, riding a bicycle causes women to gain many psychological and physical benefits resulting from it, as we explained to you in detail above.

Does riding a bicycle lead to loss of virginity?

No, as scientific studies have proven that riding a bicycle is a completely safe exercise for women, and it has not been proven that there were any previous cases in which cycling led to the loss of her virginity before.

Does cycling help increase height?

Yes, riding a bicycle on a regular basis daily increases the length of the upper body. On the other hand, it activates the muscles of the neck, shoulder, and back, and helps to get rid of tension and muscle tension in these areas.

Does riding a bicycle flatten the abdomen?

Yes, riding a bicycle stimulates the process of pumping oxygen into the body, which leads to the secretion of the calorie-burning hormone, and as a result, the hardened fats in the abdominal area are burned. In addition, the pedal movement works the lower part, and with continuity, the abdominal area is tightened.

Here we have come to the end of today's topic, through which we learned whether riding a bicycle is forbidden for girls or not? We explained between the lines the benefits of riding a bicycle for women, with the possibility of purchasing the appropriate bike to achieve these benefits through the My Bike website . We are fully prepared to receive your questions and inquiries about any other information in the comments.


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