Is cycling good for the back?

هل ركوب الدراجة مفيد للظهر؟

Is cycling good for the back? Is it really useful for knee roughness and herniated disc? We will answer these questions in detail on our My Bike website. The bicycle is not just a means of transportation that is resorted to to avoid crowds and delays, but rather it is a very enjoyable sport and at the same time it saves you a lot of money that you pay in transportation and it also saves more time. This is what the Germans are doing, as users of bicycles increased by 2%, to become the full 10% of the German people.

Is cycling good for the back?

German doctors advise people to use the bicycle on a daily basis, that is, to include it in their daily routine. As it protects against many diseases of the era that are prevalent in this day, such as strokes, heart attacks and strokes, joint diseases and knee roughness, and back pain. Not only that, but it has a great role in eliminating stress, anxiety and stress.

To find out the benefits of the bicycle, the German Professor Ingo Frobouza, along with a group of specialists, conducted a study with the evaluation of 700 other studies. These studies ended with the following benefits:

Promote spine health

The professor and specialists have proven that riding a bike on a regular basis is very beneficial for the spine and prevents herniated disc because it works on the following:

  • The spine contains small muscles that connect the vertebrae, and thus blood is distributed in an excellent way, thus preventing a herniated disc.
  • Riding a bicycle with regular movements prevents herniated disc in the lower back, and this area is called the lumbar region. It also straightens the spine and treats the problem of curvature, in addition to strengthening the back muscles excellently.
  • The professor and his team proved that slippage and back problems in general occur as a result of lack of movement and exercise. Sports, especially cycling, strengthen the muscles, especially the small muscles between each vertebrae of the spine.

If you are asking about what sport is suitable for patients with a herniated disc, after reading the above, it will certainly be cycling. You can buy them from my bike website, which provides you with stationary and mobile bikes of different shapes and sizes suitable for women, men and children.

Is cycling useful for knee roughness?

Professor Ingo Frobouza and the specialists in the study confirmed that cycling is one of the best sports that prevent and treat knee roughness. Where they proved the following:

  • Very useful for joints, especially knee joints, and does not harm them. The reason for this is that the body weight does not rest on the knee to a large extent, because 80% of the body weight rests on the bike seat.
  • That is, the weight of the body is distributed over the joints of the body, not just the knee. This ensures better blood circulation as well as the body and cartilage benefiting from the nutrients in food.
  • They also proved that those who keep cycling are less likely than others to develop rheumatic knee pain.
  • This is in addition to the fact that maintaining cycling prevents arthritis. This is very excellent in maintaining your health at an advanced age as you will be able to walk and run without any fatigue.

Osteoarthritis means the wear of the cartilage between the end of the hip bone and the beginning of the shin bone. The erosion of these cartilages causes the bones to rub against each other, which causes the pain felt by the person with roughness of the knee.

Knee roughness treatments vary, including losing weight and strengthening the muscles of the foot, and this is what cycling does. It helps you lose weight and strengthen your muscles perfectly. Among the treatments is also injecting the knee joint with substances that help you soften it and avoid bone rubbing against each other.

Bicycle and sciatica

Many suffer from the problem of sciatica, which is pain along the sciatic nerve that starts from the lower back, passing through the back and the back of the thigh and calves. The patient feels pain that may be mild or severe, in addition to numbness or tingling. The pain affects one half of the body, not two. One of the ways to treat sciatica is cycling, taking into account the following tips:

  • Start riding it with slow, regular movements, and for a short time, for example, three minutes, in order to avoid sciatica pain.
  • Then you can increase the duration and movement once your thigh has adjusted to the new movements you're doing.

Benefits of a stationary bike

You can buy a stationary bike from my bike site so you don't get lazy about riding mobile bikes and taking them out into the street. It will also save you time and encourage you to exercise. Therefore, we offer you its great benefits as follows:

Strengthening cardiovascular fitness

  • The cycle aims to increase the heart rate and thus pump the blood better, thus enhancing the delivery of blood and oxygen to all parts of the body. This improves memory and psychological state, as well as improves sleep quality and thus improves health in general.

Reduce weight

  • You can turn to a stationary bike or an elliptical bike if you are aiming to lose weight. The bike burns between 600 and 1000 calories per hour.
  • Do not forget that weight control also depends on the number of calories you enter your body.
  • This means that you can exercise for a long time in the day, but you eat more food than you burn, and therefore you will not lose weight.

Strengthening the muscles of the man

The higher the intensity of the resistance on the bicycle, the greater the muscle strength, and this is something that would prevent several problems. Such as knee roughness, sciatica, herniated disc as we mentioned.

Safer exercise

A stationary bicycle provides more safety than moving bicycles, meaning that you may be exposed to a bumpy road or a fast driver. As for the stationary bike, it makes you safer and increases your focus in exercising and thus obtaining better results.

The right way to ride a bike

To reap all the benefits we mentioned, you must know what is the correct way to ride a bicycle, as follows:

  • Choose a route away from cars and preferably in public parks. Choose a slightly sloped place that helps you drive better with a helmet and flat shoes.
  • Choose a bike that is suitable for your height and weight, so that the handlebars are far from your feet so that you do not get hurt while driving. This point also applies to tires.
  • Adjust the seat by standing next to it so that your pelvic area is equal to it.
  • If the bike has specific calibers, choose the medium caliber.
  • Always keep your back straight, as bending it causes curvature of the spine and back pain.
  • If you're a beginner, choose an incline and put your feet in the air if you feel like you're going to fall. This helps you to touch the ground quickly.
  • If you are in the process of riding it, keep your balance by leaning left or right to adjust the balance. That with a hand on the serious.

Disadvantages of riding a bicycle

After knowing its many benefits, there are a number of negatives as follows:

  • Neck pain and inability to move or bend it. The problem is that this pain may creep into the middle of the back.
  • cause painful spasms in the spine; It happens when the body is overstressed.
  • Ulnar neuropathy means irritation of the nerve below the wrist. It causes pain in the pinky and ring fingers, so do not leave your hands on the handlebars without moving them for a long time.
  • It may cause arm injuries if the road has many slopes.
  • Feeling lower back pain. This pain can extend to the back and thigh. This happens if you continue to ride the bike and the thighs are not flexible, which means that the matter needs to be trained and gradually.
  • It causes prostate problems in men. The prostate is a part of the testicles, which is in close contact with the seat of the cervix.

Frequently Asked Questions about Is riding a bike good for the back?

Some ask a group of questions related to the subject of our article as follows:

Does the bike strengthen the back muscles?

Yes, it strengthens the small muscles between the vertebrae of the spine and thus prevents injury and pain. This is in addition to the prevention of herniated disc due to the strengthening of the lumbar region.

Is walking better than riding a bike?

no; The bicycle is definitely better because it helps to burn more calories in addition to strengthening the muscles incomparable to walking.

What are the muscles that rolling stock strengthens?

The glutes, the quadriceps thigh muscles, the hamstrings, the calf muscle, the soleus muscle, in addition to the lower abdominal muscles.

Is cycling good for the back? This was the topic of our article and we answered it in detail. As it is useful for the lumbar region, which, if not exercised, increases the chances of a herniated disc. It also strengthens the buttocks and thighs and helps you burn more calories that lead you to a perfect body. Gradually accustom yourself to cycling every day for 30 minutes a day.


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