Does tightening the abdominal muscles remove the rumen?

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Does tightening the abdominal muscles remove the rumen? Where many people think that practicing abdominal exercises alone or breathing exercises helps to remove the rumen, but in fact this may lead to temporary results unless cycling is practiced, such as those available through My bike site for bicycles, as it is characterized by strength, solidity, and suitability for rugged mountain roads, so follow us to learn more.

Does tightening the abdominal muscles remove the rumen?

Many experts indicated that there is a misconception that tightening the abdominal muscles works to remove the rumen, as the muscles that are located in the abdominal area are considered the weakest types of muscles in the entire body; Therefore, she cannot bear the amount of excess fat, and thus the rumen area appears.

But the correct concept is that tightening the abdomen and abdominal muscles helps to strengthen and harden the muscles so that the abdomen becomes a little flat, but at the same time it does not guarantee permanent removal of the rumen. Once you stop practicing these exercises, the rumen will return again.

The best thing is to do some sports that help to melt belly fat, just like riding bicycles that are available online My bike site for bicycles provides a large number of models such as hybrid bicycles and mountain bikes Where it fits with all weights and at the same time helps to activate the abdominal muscles and burn fat completely; And then remove the rumen.

What are the causes of the appearance of the rumen

After finding out, does tightening the abdominal muscles remove the rumen? We can review the most important reasons for the appearance of the rumen in men and women, for example: –

  • Laziness or permanent inactivity that prevents muscle activation with an increase in the rate of fat deposition in the body in general and the abdomen in particular; Which leads to the emergence of the problem of rumen.
  • Repeating the number of cesarean deliveries in women, as this leads to laxity of the abdominal muscles and increases the chances of fat accumulation below the waist area; Thus, it appears in the form of a rumen.
  • Not exercising, especially riding bicycles, as my bicycle store is full of bicycles that are suitable for all purposes, such as children’s bicycles or women’s bicycles Which helps to slim the abdomen .
  • Excessive intake of white sugar, which is stored in the body in the form of fat in areas that have weak muscles, such as the abdomen.
  • Following an unhealthy diet based on saturated fats or fried foods as well as white flour and soft drinks, all of these reasons cause an increase in the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. Global Health Organization These foods should be avoided.
  • Genetic factors that cause the transmission of some genes from parents and grandparents, so that children suffer from the problem of rumen, and it may be accompanied by some genetic diseases as well, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, as well as cancerous tumors, God forbid.

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Abdominal stretching exercises with breathing

Some abdominal stretching exercises can be done by breathing so that they help melt fat and make the abdomen flat, for example:


  • Cycling is one of the best breathing exercises that help flatten the abdomen, as it helps regulate the processes of inhalation and exhalation while driving.
  • We also find a bicycle store that offers a variety of bicycles and accessories, such as Drift scooters for kids or speedometers And many other luxuries that make cycling more fun and useful.

breathing while walking

  • Breathing while walking is the simplest exercise that can be practiced to get rid of belly fat.
  • Where you can listen to classical music, walk in a park, and focus on inhaling and exhaling, by taking a deep breath, then waiting for 30 seconds, then exhaling slowly, and so on…. for 60 minutes daily.

Yoga exercises

  • Yoga exercises help stimulate blood circulation in the body and regulate the breathing process, in addition to increasing the rate of burning fat in the body, especially the abdominal area.
  • Breathing exercises are practiced by sitting in a squatting position, then bending the index finger and thumb, and starting to exhale the air in 5 batches, then inhale the inhalation air in 5 batches, and so on.
  • But the focus must be on drawing air from the abdominal area; Even works to activate the abdominal muscles.

Abdominal stretching exercises with breathing

Benefits of tummy tuck

After reading Is tightening the abdominal muscles remove the rumen? We can now know the benefits of practicing abdominal suction exercises, as we find them as follows:

  • Raising the natural rate of burning fat in the body in a natural and safe way without the need to take medical drugs that cause some dangerous side effects.
  • Increasing physical fitness, especially when these exercises are supplemented by cycling or scooters available through the My Bike bicycle store, for example. Dido electric bikes or single sport bikes .
  • Raise the body's ability to bear heavy weights, as these exercises strengthen the muscles of the body; Thus, the person will not feel tired or stressed when making a little effort or carrying heavy things.
  • Preventing spinal injuries or arthritis, as abdominal exercises help reduce pressure on the back and knees.

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My experience with tummy tuck

I would like to share with you my experience with abdominal suction exercises, I have been suffering from a lot of weight gain, especially in the abdominal area, after having my second daughter, as a friend advised me to try abdominal suction exercises with exercise bikes available through my bike shop.

Indeed, I practiced these exercises while visiting the site and reviewing the most prominent products available in it, where you can buy pink crystal women’s bikes or a sports bike as a weight These bikes helped me a lot in getting rid of belly fat without the need to visit slimming clinics.

Therefore, I advise every woman who suffers from the problem of the rumen to try cycling while practicing abdominal suction exercises based on breathing. In order to completely remove the rumen.

My experience with tummy tuck

Damages of wrong abdominal exercises

It has been known that tightening the abdominal muscles removes the rumen? Now we know the damages of wrong abdominal exercises, for example:

  • Feeling severe pain in the lower abdomen, as wrong exercises lead to constant stress and fatigue, so that it is difficult to complete these exercises before the specified period.
  • Feeling of shortness of breath and inability to move due to weak abdominal muscles, especially in the event of wearing inappropriate clothes, while the My Bike website offers a variety of bike options that help melt belly fat in addition to providing dido scooters , and a number of the shoes that aid movement.
  • Increased blood pressure rates, especially for people with pressure problems; This makes a person more susceptible to strokes and heart attacks.
  • Spine or joint pain, as stressful abdominal suction exercises lead to pressure on the back and neck vertebrae as well as joints and may lead to muscle tension if it is practiced incorrectly.

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Flatulence after abdominal exercises

A large number of people suffer from the problem of flatulence after practicing exercises to remove the rumen, as scientists attribute this to:

Improper drinking of water

  • Drinking large amounts of water increases flatulence in general and after exercise in particular.
  • This also causes the body to retain fluids and not sweat normally.

Not doing breathing exercises

  • Not concentrating on breathing while doing abdominal exercises can lead to severe bloating, and we find that cycling helps eliminate this problem.
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  • Doing abdominal exercises causes large amounts of fluids to come out, so that the body becomes dehydrated.
  • This dehydration may lead to a large flatulence in the abdomen.

Eating wrong

  • Eating quickly often causes large amounts of air to enter the stomach, so that these gases accumulate in the abdomen.
  • There are also some foods that cause increased bloating, such as legumes.

Elevated body temperature

  • In many cases, the rise in body temperature after exercise causes flatulence.
  • Therefore, it is preferable to exercise in air-conditioned rooms, with the need to take a break from time to time. To avoid stress and overheating.

Excess tension

  • Some recent studies have indicated that excessive stress may lead to the release of the hormone cortisol, which results in some side effects.
  • We find, for example, stomach disorders and the accumulation of gases in the abdominal area.

How often should you do abdominal exercises?

It is preferable to do abdominal exercises three to five times a week, over a period of 8 consecutive weeks, to get the best results.

And we find the My Bike website for bicycles that offers many different models, such as Upland X 90 aerial grades as well as an electric skateboard .

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common questions

How long do you need to tighten the abdominal muscles?

Experts recommend that exercises be done abdominal muscles For a period of up to 30 minutes a day, but it is preferable to focus on the quality of the exercises and not on the period, as it is possible to spend longer periods, but to no avail.

Why does not my stomach slim?

Loss of body weight or melting of fat from the rumen area may not occur due to wrong daily habits such as sitting for long periods or sleeping after eating, as well as excessive fats and carbohydrates.

Does walking help to flatten the abdomen?

Of course, walking helps to flatten the abdomen and get a fit body, especially when riding bicycles through the My Bike website for bicycles, which offers Smart electric scooter It can be alternated with walking to reduce the feeling of fatigue and at the same time lose weight.

In conclusion , does tightening the abdominal muscles remove the rumen? Where experts indicate that it contributes greatly to obtaining a flat stomach, but it is preferable to resort to cycling, as the My Bike site for bicycles offers a variety of bicycle options that help to completely remove the rumen.  


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