Is riding a bicycle difficult and the right way to ride it?

هل قيادة الدراجة الهوائية صعبة والطريقة الصحيحة لركوبها
  • 1. Is riding a bicycle difficult and the correct way to ride it?
    • 1.1 Steps to learn to ride a bicycle
      • 1.1.1 Buying a bicycle
      • 1.1.2 Riding a bike
      • 1.1.3 Maintaining balance
    • 1.2 COZON RX400 GRAY BIKE
    • 1.3 Cozon X3E Lady Frame Bike
    • 1.4 Frequently Asked Questions
      • 1.4.1 What is the average speed of a bicycle?
      • 1.4.2 Does riding a bicycle increase height?
      • 1.4.3 Is riding a bicycle dangerous for girls?
Is riding a bicycle difficult and what are the most important steps that help in learning to ride a bicycle faster? A group of questions that everyone who wants to learn to ride bicycles is looking for an answer. That is why we get acquainted with you on the My Bike website for bicycles on the most important steps that help you learn faster.

Steps to learn to ride a bicycle

Many people think that riding a bicycle is a difficult thing, but in fact it is an easy thing that requires nothing more than controlling the balance of the body well.

In order not to occupy your mind, is riding a bicycle difficult or not? You must learn the steps for learning to ride a bicycle, which are as follows:

Buying a bicycle

In the beginning, and one of the most important steps is the purchase of a bicycle, which must be purchased in a size suitable for the rider’s length, so that it is comfortable while driving. Also, to make sure the bike fits you, your feet should easily touch the pedals while seated.
In addition, you must buy a good type of bike so that it is not difficult and needs maintenance all the time. Where you can buy a bicycle from my bicycle store, as it offers a group of bicycles from international brands.

riding on a bike

At first you should try to ride the bike in open places away from cars and crowded streets. You can choose a public park to learn to ride a bicycle, and it is preferable to choose a park with a slope in the ground to make it easier for you to drive at the beginning.
It is also necessary to wear a helmet to be safer, and a great selection of distinctive and comfortable helmets is available on the My Bike website. In addition, it is necessary to wear sports clothes to be comfortable while driving, as well as to wear sports shoes.

Maintain balance

Maintaining body balance while riding a bicycle may be difficult at first, which raises the question of whether riding a bicycle is difficult, but this step goes through two stages.
Whereas, if the first stage is, you can skip it by lowering the seat, and driving the bike from a place with a slight slope to the bottom. At first, move the bike with your feet on the ground.
You should also adjust the bike gear to the average level if the bike has gears. When moving on the bike and going downhill, raise your feet from the top of the ground, but do not put them on the pedal.
In addition, you can go down the slope more than once and use your foot when you feel out of balance. Also, when there is confusion in the movement of the body while driving, you must move the weight in both directions to achieve the required balance.
The second stage is when you start putting your foot on the pedal, lift the right pedal and start pushing yourself using your left foot. In the event of loss of balance, you must move the handlebar in the same direction as the bike to achieve balance.
It is also necessary to continue training so that you can control and control the balance more. It is best to go back up the slope each time to make it easier.
However, attention must be paid to training on a regular basis, given that negligence in training causes a feeling of difficulty, which makes a person wonder whether riding a bicycle is difficult because of his inability to learn.


If you want to buy a bicycle to help you learn to ride bicycles easily, it is a bicycle that comes with specifications that make it very smooth and light while moving.
The bike is also made entirely of aluminum, which makes it very light at only 12.5 kg. There is an Alloy fork, a Shimano Altus front shifter, and an 8-speed Shimano Acera rear shifter.
As for the bike brakes, they add a lot of stability to them, they are hydraulic discs from Tektro, and what distinguishes this type most is its ability to control the bike’s stopping in emergency situations, which is very useful to you while learning to ride bikes.
In addition, the bike rims are from Cozon, and the heart of the rims is from Joytech Hub, while the tires are from KENDA with a size of 700*25C.
Description of Cozon Bike Riding a bicycle is difficult
While the most important specifications of the COZON RX400 GRAY bike are as follows:
  • Shimano Tourney TX-SG (48-38-28) T rear clock.
  • Also the bike crank is from Shimano CS-HG200-8.
  • In addition to an 8-speed chain from Shimano KMC.
  • The bike also has folds from Wellgo, and the mattress is very comfortable and comes from Cozon with a column also from Cozon saddle.
  • As for the steering wheel, it is made of Cozon alloy.
  • Cozon grips.
  • The handlebar is from Neco, 90cm, and the handlebar core is from FSA.
You can buy a COZON RX 400 GRAY bike , as it is one of the distinguished hybrid bikes that can withstand shocks and difficult roads to help you learn to ride bikes. You can buy the bike from my bike store at a very special price of 1590 Saudi riyals.
Here is Cozon bike size chart to know the right fit with your height.
Cozon Bicycle Size Chart

Cozon X3E Lady Frame Bike

The Cozon X3E Lady Frame Bike is a tough bike to ride
One of the French brand Cozon's bikes is a hybrid bike that makes you feel like a professional in cycling. This is due to its premium all-aluminum design and it weighs just 10kg.
The bike also has a carbon fork, Cozon handlebar and FSA handlebar link. The bike also features an excellent performance rim made of aluminum that adds more lightness to the bike.
As for the brakes, they are hydraulic discs from Tektro, which offer a very great performance with the bike. The front shifter is from Shimano Altus with 3 speeds, while the rear is from Shimano Acera with 8 speeds.
In addition, the tires contain CST technology to prevent fluid leakage to help prevent corrosion, and come in a size of 700 * 28, and the tires give the bike great stability while driving.
While the specifications of the bike came as follows:
  • Derailleur is from Shimano KMC.
  • The mattress is also very comfortable and shock-resistant while walking from Cozon.
  • In addition, it has a Shimano front cassette with 23-38-48 teeth.
The Cozon X3E Lady Frame is available on my bike shop and you can buy it and have a lot of lightness and smoothness while riding. The store also offers the bike at a great price of 2698 Saudi riyals. Do not miss this opportunity and take the initiative to buy your bike.
This table shows the dimensions of the Cozon bike to know the appropriate size for your body length.
Cozon bicycle sizing

common questions

What is the average bicycle speed?

The speed of the bike is 278 km per hour.

Does riding a bicycle increase height?

The answer is yes, studies have shown that riding a bicycle on a regular basis significantly increases the length of the upper body.

Is riding a bicycle dangerous for girls?

The answer is no, and this is considered one of the misconceptions, as cycling does not pose any danger to girls.
With this, we have come to know the answer to the question: Is riding a bicycle difficult, and what is the method of learning to ride a bicycle? Cycling is one of the most enjoyable sports that gives a lot of positive energy, vitality and activity.


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