Learn about 10 health benefits of cycling

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Cycling is one of the activities practiced by many people in the world, many bicycle users see it as just a means of recreation and entertainment, while few of them know the benefits of cycling, how it can be a way to strengthen their bodies, and change their lifestyles, and riding a bicycle is an option Especially great for children, and beginners who have just started learning to ride a bike, and through this article, My Bike Store presents 10 health benefits of cycling, according to doctors and specialists

Cycling and physical health

Riding a bike early in the morning is a positive physical activity for the health of the body, as it works to strengthen the muscles of the back and feet through the mechanical propulsion process carried out by the body, which gives you muscle strength that increases with time, and also gives you endurance, and maintains a healthy heart You need to think about choosing the right bike for you and your child, and using it as a physical sport that helps your body health.

What are the benefits of cycling daily?

When you think of restoring your lost physical activity in driving a car, you should think of a means of transportation that will restore this activity to you, even if it is for recreation. Cycling is an easy sport and physical activity compared to other physical activities that restrict you to gyms and violent physical sports. Cycling also gives you The thrill makes it more likely that you will continue cycling more often and, compared to other sports, does not require much physical skill. Early morning cycling also helps you get up early and enjoy the fresh air by enhancing your overall balance and coordination while stationary and keeping the bike upright, cycling pumps blood throughout the body at greater rates allowing for the rapid release of endorphins and other feel-good substances like dopamine and norepinephrine and serotonin.

10 health benefits of cycling

Using a bike is a safe form of low-impact exercise, providing safety that everyone can use, from young children to the elderly. In addition to saving money and reducing the harmful effects of fuel emissions, My Bike provides a wide range of bikes that help you get Among these benefits

  1. Cycling improves cardiovascular fitness.

Some medical research indicates that exercise reduces levels of harmful LDL cholesterol, which can form fatty deposits in the arteries, and is a major cause of heart disease, and indicated that the best exercise to reduce cholesterol is riding a bicycle, as it works on every muscle in the body. , including the heart, cycling helps to distribute blood within the body in a regular manner, which reduces pressure on the heart, and thus reduces the risk of heart disease, and burns fat and cholesterol levels accumulated in blood vessels.

  1. The benefits of cycling in burning fat

Cycling is a great way to burn fat and calories, and thus helps in losing weight in an amazing way, and research indicates that cycling at a steady pace burns about 300 calories per hour, meaning that cycling for half an hour a day means burning approximately 11 pounds of fat per year, and this is an amazing result. If you want to boost your metabolism, you have to keep cycling for half an hour a day.

  1. Cycling can reduce stress levels

90% of bicycle users in the world believe that it is a fun way, so we never ask ourselves why children like to ride a bicycle ? And why make them happy? The answer is that cycling is an aerobic exercise that produces endorphins in our bodies, and is a great way to forget about sources of stress while enjoying physical fitness at the same time.

  1. Benefits of riding a bicycle for the leg

It's good to have strong, toned feet that help you carry out your daily tasks without getting tired. Physical therapists in America have used " cycling " as a form of treatment for severe osteoarthritis of the hips or knees, and have not adopted high-impact types of exercises that are difficult and painful. As cycling is a very safe method, unlike running which is a high-impact form of exercise, cycling is incredibly gentle on your joints and helps reduce the aggravation of painful arthritis.

  1. Benefits of cycling for muscles

The mechanical way in which the bicycle works helps you in muscle cohesion and increase its strength, and the higher the rate of cycling, the stronger your legs look, you will notice this increased strength in everything you do in your daily life such as walking for a long time, jogging or climbing stairs Which is a chronic problem for those who suffer from a problem in the muscles of the legs.

6. The benefits of riding a bicycle for the body

Studies have shown that cycling is an excellent exercise for your legs, especially over hills or over rough terrain. 70% of your body weight is carried on the saddle and handlebars, rather than your hips, knees and ankles. So you get a great upper body workout as well.

  1. Cycling builds stamina for kids

Building muscle and physical strength, especially at an early age, is one of the most important results that parents seek in their children, and research indicates that cycling is an essential factor in preparing the body in an ideal way to help with endurance, and not to feel tired, so the longer your child gets used to riding a bike for a longer period He will be capable of stamina, and it also gives him a sense of personal achievement, which is important for good mental health.

  1. The benefits of riding a bicycle for patients with diabetes and cancer

Some medical research conducted in the United States and around the world shows that adults who increase their physical activity, such as cycling, whether in terms of intensity, duration, or frequency, can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 30-40% relative to those who do not. They exercise. Some research in Finland found that people who cycled for 30 minutes or more a day had a 40% lower risk of developing diabetes.

  1. Cycling helps fight depression and reduce stress

Cycling is a great way to increase endorphins in your body, which makes you feel happy and positive. My Bike Shop advises you to use a special bike for you to reduce the effects of stress and daily stress.

  1. Cycling is a healthy, money-saving mode of transportation

As soon as you buy a bike (and a helmet) from My Bike you can enjoy green transportation, instead of waiting at gas stations, on the bus or train, you will move by yourself, get fit, and it will benefit your health and your bank balance by saving money wasted in pump gasoline into your car daily,

After all these benefits offered by my bike site, what are you waiting for? Go to choose your bike, helmet and enjoy a premium experience from my bike.


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