The fastest way to teach children to ride a bicycle in 30 minutes

Children have a great passion for riding bicycles, and this great passion is justified because riding bicycles is very fun even for adults, not to mention children. It is the duty of the family to teach children the correct way to ride bicycles, and in today's article we will introduce you to the fastest way to teach children to ride bicycles in 30 minutes All you have to do is pay attention and apply this method correctly, and you will get satisfactory results. You can also see the article: The best bicycles for children in 2020

Measuring the age of the child:

It is very important to make sure whether the child is ready to start riding bicycles or not yet, and most children are ready to start learning to ride bicycles between three and a half years and four and a half years, so if your child has reached this age, then he is ready to ride bicycles and let us move on to the next step.

Choosing a suitable place:

Now it is very important to choose the right place to start teaching the child, and it is preferable to search for a spacious place free of obstacles so that the child can start his first experience without worry. It is also preferable that the surface be smooth and not contain things that may harm your child in the event of a fall.

Choosing a bike size:

It is important to choose a bicycle size that fits the size of your son, as it is not logical to bring a size larger than him. This does not help him, on the contrary, it leads to a delay in learning to ride a bicycle. Make the size of the bicycle appropriate to the size of the child and adjust both the seat and the handlebars in an appropriate manner. You can see the article to know the sizes: Bicycle sizes Aerobics and how to choose the right size

Help at the beginning:

It doesn't make sense to make a child ride a bike and say go son!! This does not help the child at all. It is preferable to first help the child to hold the handlebar because it is considered the most important part of the bike, and then push him in a gradual manner and reduce the amount of assistance provided each time until you leave him the freedom to act on the scale and suffice to push him from behind.

Gradually leave the child:

After the child's performance improves and you provide him with assistance, you must give him some confidence and leave him gradually. It is preferable to make him feel that you will push him and then leave him, because not telling him and letting you control the bike suddenly may scare the child and make him lose his balance, and this may make him hate riding bicycles, especially if it ends with him falling to the ground. .

Launching by itself:

Now that your child is able to control the balance of the bike and the possibility of stability without the need to hold it, now he must learn how to use the pedals and start off on his own. It is expected that the beginning will be difficult, but with the encouragement of the child, it will soon succeed.

Learn the brakes:

Now that you know the correct way to ride a bicycle and how to use the pedals and start off on your own, your child must be wondering how to stop this thing. Now, in this step, you will know what the brakes are, how to control them to stop the bike, and what brakes he prefers to use, front or rear.

Persistence and attempt:

And now, after teaching the child how to start a bicycle and use the brakes correctly, you can let him learn in the remaining 5 minutes how to control the bicycle, turn around and control the bicycle at turns, and by repeating this process, your child will have learned the correct way to ride a bicycle in just 30 minutes and with daily exercises You will find the child has become skilled and performs the movements of professionals with ease.


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