Bicycle Sizes - How to choose the right bike size for you

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Bicycles have become very widespread, and the reason is due to the many benefits of bicycles. We are now in the process of getting to know the sizes of bicycles and bicycles better and how to choose the appropriate bicycle size. Bicycle sizes vary according to the type of bicycle. There are sizes for children and sizes for adolescents, youth, and others. of age groups.

Before knowing the sizes of bicycles, you must know how to know or choose the size of the bicycle that suits you, and there are several ways to know the type of size that is suitable for you, but before determining that, you must choose the type of bicycle that you want to buy, and then choose the appropriate size for you.

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How to choose the right bike size for you:

- The bike must be high enough from the ground to ensure a comfortable ride and stability at the same time.

- The handlebar must be far enough from your feet so that it does not harm you while driving or lead to your disability while riding a bike and turning around.

- You must choose a size suitable for your size so that you can walk and navigate the roads and turns with ease.

- That the bike is fast and has high tires, you must choose a bike that fits your size in relation to the tires.

For children, it is preferable to choose bikes of medium sizes in relation to their sizes, so that they are not too big for them or too small, so that they can easily drive them safely.

Bicycle sizes:

Bicycle sizes can be divided into three main sections as follows:

Small sizes: It is intended for bicycles for children and young people of all ages. This group includes small bicycles of the smallest size and the following sizes: 14 – 16 – 20, which are sizes suitable for children and ages up to 14 years. You only have to choose a suitable design from these sizes.

Medium sizes: These are the sizes of bicycles intended for youth and adolescents of different ages. This size also includes most types of sports bicycles, as well as racing and speed bicycles, which are the most common sizes. These sizes are suitable for adolescents and above, as they are designed with hierarchical sizes: 24-26.. Thus, this size is also suitable for athletes and those who love sports and mountain bikes.

Large sizes: These include larger sizes that are more than medium, and it is a suitable size for adults, in addition to people who are healthy and overweight and love cycling, as it also helps them lose weight in an effective way. These sizes are more suitable and comfortable for the elderly, so if you are one of them, you can choose one of these Sizes.

Electric bike sizes:

Electric bicycles (scooters) have become one of the best types of bicycles and are preferred by many people. Of course, this preference has many reasons and features that make it enjoy all this popularity among people, the first of which is electric charging. and only by charging it with electrical energy.


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