Anti -fog & glasses cleaner | منظف نظارات واقي من الضباب - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية
Anti -fog & glasses cleaner | منظف نظارات واقي من الضباب - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Anti-fog glasses cleaner

48.00 ر.س

شامل الضريبة

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العلامة التجارية


  • Dr . CHEM+ -  دي ار كيم

رقم الموديل




  • عبوة بحجم 60 ملي

طريقة الاستخدام


  • قم بوضع المنظف على سطح عدسات النظارة من الجانبين بحيث ترى أثر جزيئات المنظف على سطح العدسة من الجانبين الأمامي والخلفي
  • بعد ذلك قم بمسح آثار تلك الجزيئات من المنظف بواسطة قماش أو منديل ورقي ناعم بحيث تختفي تلك الجزيئات تماماً من سطح العدسة

 بعد ذلك سوف تجد أن الأبخرة لا تتكثف على سطح عدسات النظارة لمدة تترواح بين 10-16 ساعة مالم يتم غسل العدسات بالماء 

  • حيث أن الماء سوف يزيل الطبقة الزيتية من سطح العدسات ويجب إعادة وضع المنظف على العدسات.



  • سائل شفاف غير لزج
  • لا يترك أي بقع أو آثار
  • يجف بسرعة دون ترك أي بقع
  • يزيل الأوساخ وبصمات الأصابع بفعالية
  • يترك طبقة واقية تمنع تراكم الضباب على النظارات
  • آمن للاستخدام اليومي
  • لا يُسبب أي تآكل أو تلف للنظارات
  • صالح لجميع أنواع العدسات


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Anti-fog goggle cleaner is the perfect choice for both professional and amateurcyclists

One of them, when you are riding your favorite bicycle and at the same time wearing goggles that protect you from dust

And the dust that is always exposed to it continuously, which is the result of the movement of people in the public street

In addition to various engines such as cars and other moving objects that cause or may cause this dust to occur

Liquids fly out of them that put you at risk, and these glasses also protect you from the scorching sun when you wear them

You are directly exposed to it while you are riding a bicycle, and as a result of your exposure to these rays, your body will start to secrete sweat

Which works as a natural cooling system by contacting the air, and part of this sweat will evaporate and upon contact with

For the lenses of the glasses that you wear, the process of condensation begins, forming a blurry layer that distorts vision. This layer, in turn, makes you see

Things are blurry, your vision of things is not real, which puts you at risk of accidents caused by vision

For bad things, this cleanser is specially formulated to eliminate the haze that is produced as a result of sweating and then

It condenses, as we strongly recommend that you always have this bottle of eyeglass cleaner and anti-fog with you to keep it safe

For your safety and the development of your driving skills, so work on providing your own personal protection.

Anti-fog eyeglass cleaner that works as a polish

The manufacturer has been keen to develop this cleaner to be one of the most important items that riders must have

They wear glasses when riding bicycles of all kinds, as another added value that I have worked to add before

The development team in the company is also to be a polisher for glasses so that the glasses take on their splendor and wonderful beauty by wearing them

Before riders, when you get this cleaner you are sure to get a polish for your glasses as an excellent bonus

Very, so we on the Darajati website, which specializes in selling bicycles, are working to provide the best types of detergents such as

This cleaner, do not hesitate to visit our website.

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Anti-fog glasses cleaner

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