Cozon bicycle rear lights

66.00 ر.س

شامل الضريبة

the description

العلامة التجارية


رقم الموديل


نوع البطارية


سعة البطارية


تقييم الحماية العالمية



*مما يعني مقاومتة للماء و الغبار

انماط الإضاءة

ضوء منخفض 

ضوء متوسط 

فلاش بطئ

فلاش شون 

نطاق الضوء

0.4 - 1.6 كيلو

قوة الضوء

ضوء احمر 

100 lumens

ضوء ابيض

240 lumens

طريقة الشحن

عن طريق وصلة USB

مدى زمن الشحن

4-3 ساعات

ملحقات العبوة

  1. ضوء خلفي LED
  2. وصلة USB
  3. حزام انارة مناسب لجميع الأحجام

مادة الصنع

بلاستيك مقوى غير قابل للكسر


  1. ضوء مزدوج (احمر+ابيض
  2. انارة خلفية  كوزون للدراجة الهوائية
  3. مقاومتها للماء و الغبار
  4. خاصية التنبيه عند اكتمال و انخفاض شحن البطارية
  5. ذات جودة عالية


A rear lighting from Kozon for the bicycle, which is rechargeable, is one of the best options that the Kozon brand has produced.

Provides visibility from long distances thanks to its high brightness, driveyour bicycle on the public road without any interference

Worried about not being seen on the road, Cozone taillights make you visible by other people driving

On the road, the lighting comes with a built-in lithium-ion battery built into this unit, which is meticulously designed

With the electric energy that is stored in it for a long time, the battery is rechargeable whenever it is empty, which makes you save your money.

To charge the battery of the lighting unit, it is done via a USB connection via the USB port built into the lighting unit, an advantage

Really cool, the lighting has the ability to resist water and dust based on the global protection assessment,

Rear lighting from Cozon for the bicycle, rechargeable lighting patterns

This lighting has a number of light patterns, which are four different patterns. First, a low light pattern and its operational duration when

When the battery is full, it will last a long time, but if it is turned on intermittently, it will be very long. The second mode is a mode

Medium light and the operating time in the case of the battery is full and continuous, the duration is less than the reduced mode, either in

Intermittent operation increases the operating time, thirdly, the slow flash mode, the average operating time is the longest of all

The other modes, whether the operation is continuous or intermittent, the fourth mode is the flash show mode, the operating period is considered less

From the slow mode and higher than the first and second modes in the case of continuous or intermittent operation , it can be used to achieve

Optimum Safety When you are riding your bicycle on any road, the lights come with two different types of lights, light

Red is commonly used because it indicates the need for the person behind you to notice that you are most likely to want to

To stop or turn from the road and maybe slow down, either the white pattern you can light it while driving directly on

The Road

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Rear lights from Cozon for the bike