Bike Hand Grips,Cozon Grips Handlebar  مقبط يد لمقود الدراجة الهوائية كوزن.
Bike Hand Grips,Cozon Grips Handlebar  مقبط يد لمقود الدراجة الهوائية كوزن.

Bicycle handlebar grip as a weight

50.00 ر.س

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اسود + رصاصي

مادة الصنع

قبضة] مطاط ، [مشبك] ألومنيوم


يتوافق مع جميع الدراجات جبلي ، هجين و الرود


  1. ساعد على الفور في ألم الرسغ وخدر اليد
  2. ا توفر راحة لطيفة ودعم المعصم عند الركوب
  3. مقابض داعمة مصممة لتخفيف الضغط
  4. ، يناسب مقود الدراجات العادية في القطر الخارجي حوالي 22.2 ملم (0.87 بوصة


A hand grip for the bicycle handlebar as a comfortable weight made of aluminum and plastic, consisting of two colors, the predominant one being gray

It has a black center on both sides. It can be installed on scooters and most types of bicycles

Newly designed with unique anti-skid pattern, the main component of the gripper, that is, the overall structure, is made of strong aluminum

And durable. As for the outer cover, the place of contact with the leader's hand, plastic was used in its manufacture to provide a soft texture for the wrist

The leader's hand without slipping, absorbing shocks and responding to the vibrations resulting from the movement of the bike on the roads

Different, the duration of its default life is relatively long, which saves you the trouble of searching for another socket, on both ends of which they have been provided

With rings that help connect with the handlebar, what distinguishes the handlebar is that it is incredibly comfortable in the palm of the hand and feels like a bike rider

With the best and most enjoyable driving times, you do not feel any problem about your hands getting numb while using it on long trips

Bicycle handlebar grip as weight Additional information

The function of the end rings is to securely fix it without moving, whatever the driving conditions, because it is made of

Aluminum, the space where the gripper is installed is usually a little larger than the basic grip that the bike comes with, so

It is better to slide both transmissions and brakes inward to make enough space for the new clutch, after you have

You installed it and took off with your bike in order to experiment and found that it is not set to what suits you

By adjusting it again according to your need or your vision after the experiment, to be suitable for you to achieve grip comfort

The desired result is that you enjoy driving your bike again in your favorite driving places without any other problems, a possibility

It is great that you face some difficulties while removing the old clamps, so you have to use the plastic tire puller

In order to retract it while towing, move it until the handlebar is ready to receive the Cozon handlebar grip.

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Bicycle handlebar grip

This gripper provides a flat surface for the palm of your hand and is the perfect fit for your bike

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