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Bicycle sports water bottle

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Color: black

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Bicycle Sports Water Bottle The time period to keep your drink cold for extended periods of time is not possible

You can never imagine it consisting of a thick insulation that keeps your juice or water that you carry in it will remain wonderfully cold

And amazingly, the sports water bottle is designed to consist of the same materials used in other types of airports, and its weight

It is very light and easy to carry on the bike when you ride it on different roads, its position on the bike is not

It is directly affected by scratches, whenever you want to drink water from it, it is very easy while you are riding the bike without

Down from it, this water bottle delivers performance that comes out clearly thanks to the lightweight overall design. A special technology has been incorporated that allows

It is very easy to press thanks to its excellent flexibility, which allows you to sip the largest amount of water with the least effort

From you, the water drain of the water bottle is very fast, allowing you to suction water while pressing when you need it

Exactly until you quench your thirst with a few sips to moisturize your throat while riding the bike. The mouth of the bottle is soft and comfortable.

A sporty water bottle for bicycles designed to be used by any cyclist who loves to ride bicycles, whether they are

Mountain, hybrid or road bikes, the size of the wheel fits perfectly with most types of cages that are mounted on

The bikes are standard so you are free to use them to drink water in big sips especially when you are thirsty

After you make a great effort while practicing the activity of cycling, especially in the individual roads and paths prepared

Already far from residential places.

Bicycle sports water bottle is perfect for everyone

If you want a sports water bottle to be your ideal partner in the following cases, it is perfectly suitable for a different number of types

Sports and fitness known to be adventurous are the following: Participation in group outdoor activities

And individual, in addition to outdoor sports, public roads, gymnastics, and camping trips.

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This bottle is safe in material and reusable, and has a good insulation layer to keep the liquid in the bottle and prevent it from leaking.

Bicycle sports water bottle

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