Padal wellgo R261DU وطاية للدراجة الهوائية - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية
Padal wellgo R261DU وطاية للدراجة الهوائية - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Padal wellgo R261DU bicycle foldable

50.00 ر.س

شامل الضريبة

the description

العلامة التجارية


رقم الموديل




مادة الصنع

ألياف الكربون


يتوافق مع جميع الدراجات جبلي ، هجين و الرود


  1. خفيفة للغاية ومقاومة للتآكل وتدور بشكل ممتاز
  2. مصممة هندسيا بشكل يجعلها تمتنع عن الانزلاق في الظروف الممطرة
  3. اكثر امان و سلامة لقدميك


A bicycle tire At any time you want to replace your bicycle wheels that have expired

As a result of continuous use, this option is considered the best and finest type of mattress that is currently available. The mattress is known

Usually, it is one of the most parts of the bicycle that is subjected to continuous pressure, and this pressure is variable

The periodicity varies according to the weight of the leading cyclist, for example, when the cyclist has a light weight, the effect on the hypothalamus

becomes less than the same pressure on the hypothalamus when the weight of the cyclist is great, the probability of becoming

The hypothalamus is more likely to be damaged in a person whose weight is heavy. In general, the option of replacing the hypothalamus remains open

For any rider who wants to upgrade it to a better one, the bowl has an improved non-slip surface when a rider puts it on

The bicycle has its feet while driving, thus making the ride smoother with constant pressure on it. It is a high quality product

And strong enough that you don't have to worry about the bowstring breaking due to the impact of the foot pressure, the leader's foot becomes more

Stability thanks to the nodes that make up the nodes. These nodes have the primary function of acting as an anti-slip so that the nodes are intertwined with the part

The bottom of the driver's shoe, which together form a tight bond without the foot slipping forward or backward or sliding from the side

Rest assured just drive your bike and don't care about bumps at all, make your way to your favorite destination by your bike

Favorite bicycle It would be preferable if the tour was with a group of enthusiastic friends who love cycling

Aerobic Unleash yourselves to enjoy together

Blanket for the bicycle manufactured material

Since the hypothalamus is the part most subject to continuous pressure here, materials must be used that suit the nature of all this

Pressure so as not to be affected by different driving conditions, so the manufacturer was able to use materials that bear all this

Circumstances where carbon fiber material is known to be strong and durable and is not affected by the vibrations that fall on it in any way

Permanent and direct.

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Bicycle blanket

A black plastic bezel with an iron outer frame

Weight: 240 grams

Dimensions: 104.2 x 63.2 x 23.8 mm

light_3f93a317-772b-4e0e-a636-cc89d35a4854 - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية light_3f93a317-772b-4e0e-a636-cc89d35a4854 - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية