Roswheel Compact Padded Seat Pack حقيبة روسويل للدراجات الهوائية خلف المرتبه.
Roswheel Compact Padded Seat Pack حقيبة روسويل للدراجات الهوائية خلف المرتبه.

Bicycle bag behind the mattress

34.00 ر.س

شامل الضريبة

Color: BLUE


the description

العلامة التجارية


رقم الموديل



ازرق ، احمر




تتوافق مع جميع انواع الدراجات الرود ،الهجين و الجبلي


يتم استخدام نسيج مقاوم للماء و مناسب جدا لكل الظروف البيئية


يسمح التصميم الداخلي بفرز العناصر و وضعها 


حوالي 58g


1* حقيبة تحت الهيكل


  1. خفيفة الوزن جدا لإضافة أي عبء لركوب الدراجات الخاصة بك الرحلات
  2. سهولة الاستخدام و الفك و التركيب
  3. حجم مناسب جدا و خفيف الوزن
  4. مقاومة للماء و جميع الظروف البيئية


Roswell Bicycle Bag Behind the Mattress With your purchase of this bag, you can carry it with many items

Which is yours, you can move around with it during the days you are exploring the city or the countryside in which you are or go

Go to the predetermined destinations so that you can ride your favorite bicycle on fun off-road rides

Different terrains may be urban areas that are usually characterized by tall buildings and densely populated apartment complexes

Until you get to know it closely by storing it in your memory, and with the sight of Roswell's bag behind the mattress

You become unique on the way, and you may go to the countryside with quiet and picturesque scenery

Green in its simple and uncomplicated form, the bag installed behind the mattress , you can put the things you want to eat

Quickly while you are riding the bicycle because it is close and at your fingertips, you may put some accessories or

Some necessary tools such as a compass and other things, you have complete freedom in what you use.

Roswell bicycle bag behind the mattress elaborate design

Choosing a Roswell bag that is flexible and durable by Totem is a good choice, the work of the designer team

By choosing a specific design for this bag after they have conducted many special studies so that they can provide the best experience

It is possible for the user. First, the design requirements were determined according to accurate analyzes in order for the bag to take the best possible position

Like air resistance while driving, it also does not affect the bike rider since it is installed directly under the mattress, after it has been evaluated

The user needs to include the size of the bag to fit the rear space of the bicycle, and thus the bag

It has achieved its unique and elaborate design by providing these characteristics, and another feature of this bag is its ability to

Reserving water without entering the bag, which makes it suitable for use in different environments and weather conditions

Which is usually exposed to it at any moment, and has compatibility with most bikes such as hybrid bikes

Mountain, regular, and regular road bikes

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Roswell bike bag