water bottle black مطارة ماء للدراجات الهوائية.

water bottle black water bottle for bicycles

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Bicycle water bottle made by Cozon is a well-known brand specialized in the bicycle industry

The pneumatic, known for its use more than once and for long periods, was specially designed to suit driving enthusiasts

Cyclists, especially those who always want to go out on foreign trips that have an adventurous nature to explore

Exotic and new places With this bottle, you will be able to take water with you always in order to quench your thirst in any place

When you are thirsty, the wall of the bottle is not layered , it is a monolithic one designed by a team dedicated to its development

before The Cozon brand was able to be produced by the team to be very light in weight and flexible in order to withstand all

The pressures and vibrations caused by the bike during movement on rough roads, i.e. bumpy ones, the weight does not show any

An extra or obvious effect on the bike, this particular chariot is known and trusted by many riders

Especially the professionals, because it simply does not make you quench any thirst when you have a complete unit to carry water with you all

You do not have to set off on your bike towards your destination without stopping because of your thirst until you look for a place to drink water, but with

This is a straw you just have to pull from the bottom and then take sips of water.

Water bottle for bicycles More information

The team dedicated by Kozon Company worked on designing standard specifications for bicycle cages even

It makes it easy to hold it well and is not affected by the pressure resulting from the grip. The valve of the bottle provides a smooth and high flow

For successive sips of the water it contains, and the valve is designed to close itself once the pressure ends, thus saving you

Excess splashes and spills are likely to escape through the valve if there is no self-sealing feature

Especially on uneven roads with many bumps through the valve you can sip a large amount of water

With one click, the least effort from you.

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Water bottle for bicycles

A high-quality water bottle that has a perfect and elegant shape is undoubtedly your ideal choice

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