Does cycling build muscle?

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Does cycling build muscle? Let's answer your question in detail in this article. The bicycle is known for its great benefits to the body and makes the body in a state of activity and high energy because it increases the heart rate and thus makes the body bear the extra effort, especially before weight-lifting exercises. But what about building and strengthening muscles and making them flexible?

Does cycling build muscle?

Yes, it builds and strengthens muscles very well, and muscles are fibrous tissue between skin and bones. These muscles help warm the body and also protect the bones from severe injuries that lead to fracture, i.e. reduce the effects of trauma that they may be exposed to. Here are the muscles that work and strengthen while riding a bicycle in detail:

Quadriceps thigh muscles

They are the muscles in the thigh area, they are thick muscles and you notice that when you train them by bike. These muscles are very important because they are the ones that act as a lever while riding a bike. The four muscles are divided as follows:

  • rectus femoris.
  • brutal expansion.
  • Expanded oblivion.
  • non-expanding average.


The posterior thigh muscles that allow the knee to flex while pedaling. These muscles are perfectly moved and strengthened by the bicycle so that they give the shape of tight thighs, whether for men or women. The muscles in this area are as follows:

  • The femoral heads.
  • semitendinosis .
  • Semimembranosis .

Gluteal Muscles

Also called the gluteus maximus, it is divided into three muscles, the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. The most moving muscle while riding a bicycle is the gluteus maximus, while the medium and small ones move with the hip to move the thighs on the bike.

Gastrocnemius gastrocnemius muscle

Also called calves or calves, they move perfectly while riding a bike. This muscle is what helps the heels move to put pressure on the bicycle pedal.

Soleus soleus

It is the lower leg muscle and has the same importance as the calf; As it works to raise the heels when bending the knees and pressing the pedal.

Abdominals lower abdominal muscles

Within our answer to whether the bicycle builds muscles, it builds the lower as well as the upper abdominal muscles. This happens when you bring the angle of the bike seat closer to the pedal. This helps you feel your stomach muscles more and more and helps them to become stronger.

This is in addition to moving and strengthening the lower back muscles called the lumbar; While giving you flexibility in this area.

Benefits of a bicycle for the butt

We mentioned that one of the most moving muscles while riding a bicycle are the three large, medium and small gluteal muscles. This happens through the intensity of the resistance, which puts pressure on the muscles of the buttocks, and then breaks them, and then it recovers after eating protein and the rest that it provides to your body through sleep and healthy food. The result becomes more visible as the intensity of the resistance on the bike increases, and this is one of the most important benefits of a stationary or moving bike for women. Here's what happens to your butt when you ride a bike:

  • The muscles move perfectly and there is a slight cracking or tearing of the muscles. Hence, you need to eat foods rich in protein in order for these lacerations to heal and heal, and muscle enlargement occurs.
  • This also applies to the muscles we mentioned in the previous paragraphs.
  • One of the benefits of cycling for the butt is that it burns the fat surrounding it, which makes the area look bad. It also eliminates cellulite, which is excess fat accumulated under the skin. This helps sculpt and rotate them and make them perfect.

How to prepare physically before riding a bicycle

You have to prepare your body well before you start riding the bike in order to avoid any injuries that need not short time to recover from. Here is the right way to keep you safe when riding a bike so as to avoid injuries:

  • Never neglect warm-up exercises, as they help you avoid injuries because they prepare the bones, ligaments, and muscles for the effort that you will make.
  • use the appropriate gears; The gears are the ones that control the intensity of the resistance that you will make. If you are still at the beginning, adjust the gear so as to avoid any loads on the knee and thus injury. After you progress in driving it and the gear becomes easy and you do not feel the resistance, you can adjust the gear to increase the resistance and strengthen your muscles. That is, practice it gradually.
  • Don't over drive it and don't overload yourself; This means that if you feel pain in any area of ​​your body, stop driving it immediately and give your body a chance to rest.
  • One of the most important cycling steps to avoid injuries is to adjust the seat position. This provides you with more comfort, especially if you will be riding for a long time.
  • Completely avoid tight shoes and do not forget to prepare safety equipment such as parts that protect the hand, wrist, knee and elbow to avoid hitting anything while you are on the street. You can purchase these important parts through the My Bike website, which is one of the best sites that sell bikes and these protective gear.
  • Don't forget the gradient; Gradual cycling time prepares your body to ride for a longer time. For example, start with ten minutes, then increase several minutes, and so on until you reach half an hour, which will bring you great benefit to the entire body.

Benefits of a stationary bike

If you don't have enough time to ride a rolling bike in the street or at a club; You can buy a stationary bike from my bike website with the best materials and a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Here are the benefits of a stationary bike:

  • She is always present in your home and greatly encourages you to exercise.
  • It is small in size and does not take up much space in the house.
  • As for the physiological benefits, they are countless; It reduces irritable bowel pain. This happens by promoting digestion and relieving stress, which are the causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • It makes your body benefit from all the nutrients in the food because it enhances the digestion process, as we mentioned.
  • It also helps you lose weight if you keep riding it for half an hour a day. Because it burns fats and calories, which helps you reach a consistent and sculpted body.
  • It strengthens the heart, and it is the means that helps you to do more effort, whether at work or in other sports that require great effort.
  • Significantly improve your mood and remove negative energy that causes you anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Improved blood circulation, and thus better body health, is important for both men and women.

Frequently Asked Questions about does cycling build muscle

What muscles does the bike strengthen?

One of the muscles strengthened by the anterior and posterior thigh muscles. In addition to the glutes, hamstrings and calves, to give the body a coordinated and athletic shape.

Does the bicycle strengthen the thigh muscles?

Yes, it strengthens the front and back thigh muscles, thus enabling you to lift the heels to start pedaling.

What are the disadvantages of a bicycle?

Despite its many benefits, it is like any sport that can cause damage if used incorrectly. Such as pressure on the knee, foot pain, back pain and a feeling of numbness in it, in addition to numbness in the buttocks. Also, neck pain that extends to the upper and middle back.


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