The benefits of cycling to improve mood

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The benefits of cycling to improve mood

Sports and physical movement are one of the most important and best natural ways to increase a person's feelings of satisfaction
Reducing stress and coping with daily stresses.
Cycling is a good option for many people, in addition to the fact that it brings together a number of other benefits.
The number of bicycles in Germany has reached 72 million, according to the state-run sports website.
In the Netherlands, the number of bicycles exceeded the population, reaching 16 million bicycles.

How can cycling improve our mood and relieve stress?

Both researchers and experimenters alike answer this question in their own experience
Some research has indicated that people who get to work by bicycle arrive in a better mood than those who arrive by car.

As some doctors advise employees to go to work by bicycle because they are exposed to work pressures that may constitute an additional factor for the decline in physical and psychological health.

Riding a bicycle increases the feeling of comfort:

Several researches have confirmed that this sport stimulates the production of hormones and neurotransmitters responsible for the feeling of happiness, such as serotonin , endorphins, and dopamine, and increases blood flow to the brain, which contributes to increasing the feeling of comfort, relieving psychological tension, balance, and good sleep. Some researchers also indicate that riding Regular cycling can be a good factor in preventing depression and high blood pressure, as well as enhancing creativity and productivity
Likewise, it also gives a sense of efficiency and comfort, and improves observation and attention.
In a study funded by the European Commission, it called for encouraging citizens to ride bicycles because of its physical, psychological and economic benefits.
The Australian Queensland website mentioned : that the practice of riding a bicycle contributes to increasing the feeling of satisfaction and sleeping well with higher productivity .

Other studies on the relationship between cycling and improving mood showed:

  Regular cycling reduces disorders such as depression and anxiety because of the pleasure this sport causes . And cycling reduces it

Stress Cycling can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your body, which can lead to stress relief in your body as well .

Research shows that those who cycle regularly have a significantly lower risk of feeling stressed .

Thus, it was found that the benefits of cycling to improve mood are great, as it helps to remove anxiety.

Also, cycling and walking release “feel-good” hormones known as endorphins, thus relaxing your mind and making you feel happier.

This enhances your good mood and reduces your feelings of anxiety .

Increase your self-esteem Being active can make you feel more positive and better about yourself, especially when you set goals while you are doing this activity such as getting somewhere at a time or being on time all the time . Improving your mood improves your self-esteem .

In a study conducted in Barcelona, ​​the results of cycling to improve mood were summarized as follows:

We assessed the relationships between cycling commuting and stress during adaptation to several confounders in a representative sample of adults in Barcelona, ​​Spain. We found significant inverse relationships between several measures of cycling commuting and stress. Cyclists who cycled 4 or more days per week were less likely to experience stress than those who rode less or did not cycle at all .

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