The benefits of a bicycle for the brain

فوائد الدراجة الهوائية للمخ - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية


The benefits of a bicycle for the brain

maybe to ride bikes to make Your brain grows the same method that grow with it Your muscles .. where it increases flow the blood to the brain as he adverb with muscle , Than Lead to increased oxygen and materials feeder that maybe that to improve his performance


ride bicycle aerobic helps on to improve a job brain , and Ability on coordination And to organize a movement parties , it is as an exercise practical for the brain . helps in get rid of from Stress And the pressure Psycho , she Instrument entertainment , and Prepare The performance outing on bicycle _ in region green And beautiful sponsor by disposal from Tired And Stress The resulting on week complete from the job Boring .


Riding a bicycle does not only support the general health of your body . Getting a quick workout also supports your brain , which is the most important organ you use and an entity separate from your body ( it's your command center ! )


You can see the best types of bicycles

The effect of riding a bicycle on the brain

  He increases ride from production proteins used in formation cells cerebral New by how much double or three double the average natural  as that it He increases from activities that allow areas different from our brain Communion in a form more effectiveness..


  as prove that ride bikes Withstands deterioration natural for jobs the brain and its development with We progressed in age .

that to have mind Salim he step The first to be more happiness and productivity And optimism about life . next to puzzle the words crosshairs accidental


ride bicycle Aerobic from activities that maybe that to improve practical take the decision , And help you on Solution the problems , and interaction successfully with others And enjoy - and preservation on - flip And mind stable Emotionally


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