Benefits of riding a bicycle for sex

فوائد قيادة الدراجة الهوائية للجنس

The benefits of riding a bicycle for sex are many and varied, as it contributes to increasing the number of sperm while stimulating the blood circulation lining the genitals, in addition to increasing the erection of the male organ.

And we find my bicycle store for bicycles that offers a variety of bicycles that suit men and achieve maximum benefit, so follow us in the next few lines to know more details on this topic.

Benefits of riding a bicycle for sex

Many recent studies indicated that the benefits of riding a bicycle for sex are innumerable, contrary to what was common in the past that it causes impotence, as those studies indicated that riding a bicycle at continuous intervals of time helps to activate the urinary system in men; Which is reflected in sexual health.

It is worth noting that the study was applied to about 3,000 cyclists and among runners as well as swimmers, as it aimed to determine the effect of these sports on the prostate and erectile strength, which showed that bicycles enhance the ability of the reproductive system to complete the sexual process compared to other participants. in that study.

Moreover, statistics indicated that at the beginning of riding a bicycle, a person feels anesthesia in the penis, but that feeling gradually fades when continuing to drive.

On the other hand, it must be noted that continuous pressure on the perineal area while driving may lead to damage to the veins and arteries feeding that area. Therefore, it is preferable to use V-shaped seats that help focus pressure on the buttocks, and we find that my bicycle store offers a comfortable seat for Bike Saddle Vader at a price of only 77 riyals.

Experts also recommend that in the event of severe pain when driving, it is preferable to stop using the bicycle and consult a doctor. To make sure there are no prostate problems.

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Benefits of cycling for muscles

Looking at the benefits of a bicycle for muscles, we find them as follows: –

  • The movement of the feet in a circular motion helps to strengthen the muscles of the legs and tighten the tendons of the knees significantly, while melting the fat accumulated around them. This helps reduce swollen veins or chances of developing varicose veins.
  • strengthening the pelvic muscles, as bicycles focus on the lower body; Thus, during a short period of using the bikes, users notice an increase in the stiffness of the pelvic muscles and a decrease in the severity of arthritis.
  • Bicycles play a major role in strengthening the muscles of the arms, as the driving position causes tension in the tendons of the arms and shoulders, especially if a bicycle hand grip is used, such as the Bike Hand Grips, Cozon Grips Handlebar , which facilitates driving, as its price reaches 50 riyals.

Benefits of cycling for muscles

Benefits of an abdominal bike

After knowing the benefits of riding a bicycle for sex, we can take a quick overview of the benefits of a bicycle for the abdomen, for example:

  • It is considered the best exercise that helps activate the abdominal muscles and get rid of the problems of sagging that show some weight loss.
  • It contributes to melting the fat that causes the appearance of the rumen in a completely safe way, and it also works to get rid of calories by converting them into muscle mass.
  • Some studies indicated that riding a bicycle for 15 minutes a day gives the abdomen a flatter, more slender appearance and works to shrink the superficial skin layers compared to using other sports equipment.
  • When using classic bicycles with circular handlebars, they focus on strengthening the abdominal muscles, and we find a classic hybrid bicycle from Totem at a price of 988 riyals that achieves the same benefit.

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The benefits of a bicycle for the colon

Many people ask about the benefits of a bicycle for the colon, as we find the answer in the following points: –

  • The bicycle helps to quickly get rid of the gases accumulated in the colon, which cause a constant feeling of discomfort, especially if it is used before eating.
  • Cyclists avoid constipation that leads to colon disorders, through the movement of the legs that helps to get rid of waste.
  • Among the most important benefits of a bicycle is the elimination of excess stress and anxiety that bothers people with irritable bowel syndrome, which leads to an increase in contractions, especially if cycling is done on mountain roads.
  • If you suffer from colon problems and want to use bicycles, the Upland Vanguard mountain bike achieves the best results, and its price reaches 1980 riyals.

The benefits of a bicycle for the colon

Benefits of cycling for women

The benefits of cycling for women are as follows:

  • Cycling helps many women to get rid of stress or nervous tension problems that appear before menstruation or hormonal changes after childbirth.
  • Cycling contributes to enjoying a fit body by better distributing fat. It also gives the legs, thighs and buttocks a more slender appearance without the need to visit gyms.
  • Getting rid of joint pain and osteoporosis that appear after menopause, as the World Health Organization recommends that women should practice cycling after exceeding the age of fifty to obtain high levels of vitamin D, through direct exposure to sunlight as long as possible.
  • Many surgeons recommend that women recovering from a caesarean section ride bicycles. In order to help speed up the healing of the wound and tighten the muscles after the abdominal expansion, as the store offers a pink crystal women's bike that helps slim the abdomen, at a price of 1380 riyals.

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The benefits of a bicycle

As for the benefits of cycling for the body in general, they are as follows: –

  • Increase the ability to control weight, as it works to burn fat first; Thus, it helps obese patients or people with slow metabolism.
  • Increase concentration, as cycling helps to inhale the pure loom; Thus activating the vital processes in the body as well as helping to relax and strengthen memory.
  • Reducing the chances of heart disease and narrowing of the arteries, as it works to burn fat and get rid of harmful LDL cholesterol; Hence strengthening the heart muscle.
  • Achieving the required balance for people with movement disorders, by coordinating the movement of the feet while maintaining the stability of the bike.
  • Getting rid of chronic insomnia that affects a large number of people, by expelling negative energy from the body and eliminating the problem of overthinking.
  • Protecting the elderly from early dementia or severe depression, as well as breathing problems, especially when driving family bicycles that help increase the amount of oxygen to the brain and in a breath that does not cause muscle fatigue, as we advise you to buy a four-wheeled bicycle for adults at a price of 3234 riyals only .

The benefits of a bicycle

Bicycle damage

As for the disadvantages of using bicycles, they are as follows:

  • Slow breathing, as riding a bike is somewhat stressful for the respiratory system. This is due to the acceleration of inhalation and exhalation, in addition to inhaling dust and fine pieces of dust flying in the air. Therefore, it is recommended to wear a LOT Scarf WAVES protective face mask, which amounts to 38 riyals.
  • Facing some problems related to extreme thinness, although cycling achieves better results in losing weight, but on the other hand, it may make some people thin, especially those who suffer from thyroid activity.
  • exposure to many injuries or bruises affecting the spine or joints as well as the head; Therefore, experts recommend wearing knee protectors and sports helmets while riding bicycles, and we find that the My Bike website offers a wide variety of sports helmets .

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Tips for cycling

There are many tips dictated to us by experts in order to ride bicycles safely, for example: –

  • You must make sure to choose a size suitable for the length of the body so that the knees are slightly bent while driving, not in a straight position or bent at an angle of less than 90 degrees; To achieve the best body position.
  • In the event of any health problems related to vision or hearing, as well as balance, it is preferable not to ride bicycles. To avoid serious damage, cycling requires all senses to be activated in order to hear sounds and see heights or obstacles facing the driver while driving.
  • Adhere to the traffic rules for bicycles, while staying away from car paths and choosing bicycles suitable for the road.
  • It is necessary to have a light meal before riding the bike, along with a lightweight water bottle in case you feel thirsty and to replace the fluids lost by the body, as the My Bike store offers a light sport bike with a cooler from Cozon at an attractive price, amounting to only 56 riyals.
  • Ensure the availability of bicycle repair equipment such as tire stickers and inflators, as the store offers an air inflator for a bicycle from Geo, at a price of 98 riyals, including tax.

common questions

How long is the bike ride?

Experts recommend cycling for a period ranging from 30 to 45 minutes a day, as this contributes to burning up to 700 calories, unlike using a stationary bike, which burns about 400 calories.

Does cycling affect the testicles?

Riding a bicycle may affect the testicles if used for long periods, as pressure and friction as well as heat affect erectile dysfunction or a decline in reproductive ability, so it is preferable to use it in moderation and in the event of any side effects, a specialist doctor should be consulted.

How to increase the speed of the bicycle?

The speed of bicycles can be increased through the use of lock assistants, which makes the bike rush quickly on paved roads, and we find my bike store offers a bicycle lock with secret numbers at a price of up to 44 riyals.

What is the distance covered by the bike per hour?

A bicycle that performs well or does not suffer from any defect in its parts can travel a distance of up to 280 kilometers per hour, and it may increase or decrease depending on the model of the bicycle or the nature of the road that is being walked on, whether it is mountainous or within the city.

In conclusion, the benefits of a bicycle for sex, which have been shown by many studies, which are represented in stimulating blood circulation in the genitals with doubling the number of sperm, as the My Bike bicycle store offers a variety of bicycle options that suit all ages.


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