What is the most famous bicycle company in the world?

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  • 1. What is the most famous bicycle company in the world?
  • 1.1 What is the most famous bicycle company in the world?
    • 1.1.1 Kozon brand bicycles | RX400
    • 1.1.2 TOTEM BIKE BRAND
    • 1.1.3 ASHBY brand bicycles with four wheels
  • 1.2 Frequently Asked Questions
    • 1.2.1 How far does the bike travel in an hour?
    • 1.2.2 Who was the first inventor of the bicycle?
    • 1.2.3 What is the importance of wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle?

What is the most famous bicycle company in the world and where did you buy it? One of the most important questions that we answer in this topic. As bicycles are an important means of performing daily sports, in addition to helping you move around, which saves a lot of time, especially in crowded places. That is why we get to know the most famous bicycle company and the most important specifications of bicycles, so follow us.

What is the most famous bicycle company in the world?

When searching for the most famous bicycle company in the world, my bike store offers a group of the most famous international brands in bicycles. The store also has all kinds of bicycles.

In addition, the store offers bicycles for women and children, in addition to bicycles for beginners that are without speeds. What distinguishes my bike store most is that bikes are available at very reasonable prices for everyone, which differ according to the type of bike and its capabilities.

The store also provides a number of bicycle accessories, the most important of which are:

  • On the site, there is a car carrier that helps you carry the bike in the car to transport it to any place.
  • In addition, you can buy spare parts for the bike through the store.
  • The store also has a selection of the best bike cleaners .
  • You can also buy inflators from my bike shop.

Cozon brand bicycles:

When searching for the most famous bicycle company in the world on my bike store, the Cozon brand comes among the distinguished international brands available on the store. Kozon offers all kinds of bicycles with the best capabilities and prices.

While this bike is one of the distinctive bikes of the brand Kozran, which is characterized by ease of movement. The bike's body is made of very light aluminum, which adds strength and durability to it and keeps the bike's light weight, as it is 12.5 kg. It also has a lightweight aluminum alloy front fork. In addition to the presence of rims from Vuelta and the heart of the rim from Joytech Hub, and tires from KENDA with a size of 700 * 35 C.

In addition, the bike is characterized by the presence of strong brakes from Tektro, which is a hydraulic disc that helps control the speed of the bike while walking.

In addition, the front shifter on the bike comes from Shimano Tourney, and the rear shifter is powered by an 8-speed Shimano Acera. The bike seat with mattress is from Upland, and the mattress column is from upland saddle.

As for the other bike specifications, they are as follows:

  • PROWHEEL CRANK - 28-38-48 T.
  • And the chain is from Shimano KMC, working up to 8 speeds.
  • Plus the bike has a Shimano CS-HG200-8 rear derailleur.
  • The runners are from Wellgo.
  • FSA handlebar link.
  • Also grabs from cozon grips.
  • There is a steering link from Neco, while the steering wheel is from .

That is why you have to own this distinctive bike, which can walk on difficult roads, whether for sports or for lovers of mountainous areas.

The bike is also found on my bike store, which offers much lower prices than the prices of bicycles in other places, which has a big difference with bicycle shops in Riyadh, and Cozon RX is available Sports on the store at a price of 1870 Saudi riyals

TOTEM brand bicycles

Totem is one of the most famous bicycle company in the world available on my bike store, and the Totem children's bicycle comes with a very distinctive and consistent design that is very suitable for children and their playful nature.

In addition, the wheel comes with a structure made of aluminum, which is characterized by being solid and durable and has a very light weight, given that aluminum is one of the lightest metals, despite its great ability to resist all influences and weather factors.

As for the bike seat, it is very comfortable and helps the child to enjoy an enjoyable driving experience. All this comes in addition to the fact that the bike contains rear supports that are connected to the tires in the back, so that the child can learn to ride the bike without any risks.

While on the bike track there is a safety unit that works to protect the child from any danger that may hit his feet while driving. In addition, the bike has front and rear brakes to ensure increased safety for children while riding the bike.

You can buy a Totti M bike for children from my bike store at a very special price of 390 Saudi riyals.

ASHBY brand bicycles, four tires

Four wheels bike

The Ashby brand is also one of the world's most popular bicycle company available on my bike shop, offering some of the best family bikes for enjoying a walk in the fresh air. The bike has a very cool and distinctive design and provides you with an enjoyable family trip.

Also, the bike mattress is made of gel, adding a lot of comfort while riding the bike. Besides, the mattress is for two people and two children, which helps you to go out on a family picnic and explore nature, as it is very suitable for trips.

Plus, the bike chain is designed to be smoother on the go. The bike also came from a solid and solid texture that makes it bear excessive loads.

While the most important specifications of the bike are as follows:

  • Bike frame size
  • The frame should also be made of metal.
  • As for the gears of the bike, it operates at only one speed.
  • Plus, the brakes are drum.

Buy one of the best family bicycles, the Ashby bike, through my bike store, at a very attractive price of 1980 Saudi riyals. You can also buy the bike in two distinct colors, blue and pink.

The benefits of a bicycle for the colon

One of the most important benefits of riding a bicycle is solving colon and digestive problems in general. Since there are a lot of doctors who advise colon patients to exercise, the most important of which is cycling.

This is due to the fact that cycling works greatly to eliminate colon disorders. The movement of the bike increases the activity of the stomach, which helps to improve the digestion process.

In addition, it is a sport that does not require much effort. It can be easily done by riding a bike for a few minutes a day. In addition, the bike helps you get rid of stress and anxiety, which causes suffering from colon disorders.

common questions

What is the distance covered by the bike per hour?

A person can cover a distance of 10 km to 20 km per hour, but a leader who has physical fitness can cover the same distance in just 45 minutes.

Who is the first inventor of the bicycle?

The first person to invent the bicycle was the German Karl Drais von Sauerbrunn in 1819.

What is the importance of wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle?

The helmet is one of the most important safety factors when riding bicycles, as it protects the head from hitting the ground in the event of a fall from the bike. You can buy a helmet through the My Bike website in different shapes and types.

With this, we got acquainted with what is the most famous bicycle company in the world. Where Darajati offers a group of the best types of bicycles, whether for children or adults. In addition to the presence of a group of distinctive family bikes to enjoy nature and take advantage of the many benefits of riding a bike.


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