Who was the first to invent the bicycle?

من هو مخترع الدراجة الهوائية؟ وهل كانت مثل شكلها الحالي؟ - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Who is the inventor of the bicycle? A question that comes to the mind of all people who prefer to ride bicycles. Was it in its current form, or did it have a specific image that then evolved until it became this way that we see every day in the streets? We will answer your question in detail in this article, so follow us.

Who is the inventor of the bicycle?

Answering this question is somewhat difficult because the bike went through several stages to reach its current form. Each stage has a specific person developed in it. We explain to you the stages of inventing the bicycle as follows:

  • In 1418 an Italian engineer named Giovanni Fontana invented a chariot with four wheels and a loop that was a coiled rope. This rope is connected to transmissions that actuate human motion.
  • After 400 years, in 1813, the German Carl von Drais invented a bicycle that operates on four wheels and works through human energy as well. He did not stop at this point, but made many developments on it in 1815 due to a major disaster that caused the scarcity of horses until he reached a two-wheeled bicycle in 1816.
  • After Karl von Drais invented his bike, he called it many names such as Draissen, Hobby Horse, and Dandy Horse. The bicycle consisted of two wheels made of wood and connected to a wooden frame as well. Leather seat and wooden steering wheel. It had no pedals, but was moved by pushing the rider's feet forward. Market for his invention in England and France.
  • An Englishman named Dennis Johnson made a bicycle similar to the bikes made by Drais and marketed it to the rich aristocracy who love luxury and pleasure. The invention was very popular, but the invention of the bicycle soon disappeared in 1820 due to the law that prevented these bicycles from running on similar paths. This caused bicycles to disappear for 40 years.
  • Bicycles are back again after many developments have been made on them so that they have steel wheels, wooden barriers, pedals, and a speed transmission system. After these developments, the bike was called bone shake or quick foot.
  • In 1862 a German named Karl Kish claimed to be the first person to attach the bicycle invented by Drais to pedals. But this patent went in 1866 to a French man named Pepper Lallment as the first to invent a bicycle that operates with only two wheels, a track and a speed transmission.

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Bicycle parts

After we presented the story of the invention of the bicycle, we present to you the parts of the bicycle in detail through the function of each part:

frame (bike body)

It is the bike body itself made up of a group of tubes of different sizes. Each tubule performs a specific function in connecting the different parts of the cyclamen.

payment system

It is the pedals or what is called the pedal that works to rotate the track, which in turn works to transfer the energy generated from the feet to the back of the bike, which makes it move forward.


It is also called the jadeon or the hand-handle. It is attached to the front wheel of the bicycle and is the part that controls the rider in the direction of travel of the wheel.

the seat

It is the part in the middle of the bike and it is the seat on which the rider sits. You have to choose it with cushioning so that it receives shocks and thus protects your body from getting injured.


They are also called brakes and they are two pieces that are installed in the metal frame of the bike. When you apply the brakes, the two pieces stick to the metal frame, stopping the bike.


Attached to the frame of the bike through a part called the fork. The thickness of this fork varies from one bike to another depending on the purpose of its use, ranging from 18 to 64 mm.

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The benefits of a bicycle

The purpose of its invention was previously that it was a means of transportation, but after it evolved into its current form, it became one of the most powerful sports in the world. We offer you a set of benefits that encourage you to start buying a bicycle and start using it. You can buy many forms of bikes, whether for men, women or children, such as regular, mountain and hybrid bikes. Here are its great benefits:

Disease prevention

Bold Sky newspaper said that it protects against many diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. Not only that, but it protects against mental illnesses such as Alzheimer's. You can prevent all these diseases by exercising for half an hour a day, and this is the time that the human body needs to become active, strong, and less susceptible to diseases.

Relieve you from stress

One of the most powerful benefits of a bicycle for the mind is that it eliminates stress and a sense of pressure resulting from the large number of responsibilities and the desire for achievement, as well as problems. This happens because it is a means of emotional release that you can resort to to release the negative energy that you gain due to the situations you are exposed to daily.

Weight loss

There are many ways to lose weight, but they require a lot of effort, unlike the bicycle, which does not need all this effort if compared to many other types of sports. It's very simple... All you have to do is ride a bicycle, whether stationary or moving, for half an hour. You can reach this period gradually.

The bike burns the fat that makes the body look physically unfit, such as the fat in the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and waist. This happens by increasing your metabolism and fat burning rate, making you burn a large number of calories.

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Diabetes prevention

One of the greatest benefits of a bicycle is that it reduces the chances of injury by 40% if it is regularly ridden for half an hour every day for a month. Preventing diabetes means preventing strokes, heart attacks, and a healthy digestive, circulatory, and respiratory system.

Cancer prevention

Numerous studies have shown that people who do aerobic exercise, such as cycling or running, are significantly less likely to develop all types of cancer than people who do not exercise.

Improve joint movement

If you have joint problems such as weakness, inflammation, or have osteoporosis, you can use bicycles as a safe sport. It is one of the safe types of sports on the joints of the body because it does not put much pressure on them, as many other types of sports do.

Frequently asked questions about who is the inventor of the bicycle

Who was the first to invent the bicycle?

Carl Drais von Sauerbrunn was the first person to invent and develop the bicycle in 1816.

What are the disadvantages of a bicycle?

It causes pain in the neck and back, numbness in the hands, a drop in sugar and blood pressure. For men, erectile dysfunction is caused by pressure on the perineum.

What are the benefits of cycling?

It has many benefits such as losing weight, strengthening muscles, burning fat, and improving respiratory health. Strengthening bones, enhancing digestion, strengthening joints.

Who is the inventor of the bicycle was the focus of our conversation in this article, and we answered that there are more than one person who designed certain shapes for the bicycle and developed until it became this way in the present day. We also presented the benefits of cycling for the body in general, so do not deprive your body of benefiting from it.


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