12 tips to improve bicycle brake performance

12 نصيحة لتحسين اداء فرامل الدراجات الهوائية | دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Bicycles are still one of the best things that anyone needs, as they help a person a lot. The way to travel on them and reach various places with ease. Not only this, but also benefit from riding bicycles. The way to maintain your health. It is the bike brakes. Yes, the brakes have the greatest impact. It is important that your brake performance is very good. In today’s article, we will introduce you to 12 tips to improve the performance of bicycle brakes.

Brakes are one of the important things in bicycles, and we find that cyclists care very much about brakes as much as they care about the general performance of the bike, and there are many other reasons that make you improve the performance of your brakes, of course, so follow with me:

12 tips to improve brake performance on bicycles:

1. Install the brakes correctly:

If you want the brakes of your bicycle to be effective and maintain them, of course you must install these brakes and adjust them correctly so that the lack of correct installation in the future does not affect the deterioration of the performance of the brakes and may eventually damage them.

2. Do not over speed:

You didn't put the brakes on in order to speed up as fast as you can and then hit the brakes and stand up and think that you are very professional!! This behavior would send you to the repair shop every week at least, so you must slow down and not press the brakes in a way that makes them lose effectiveness.

3. Adjust the brakes according to the conditions:

It is very important to adjust the brakes according to the conditions, making them strong and maintaining their strong performance. We find that wet brake pads are less effective in slowing down the bike, so they are suitable for mountainous and rugged areas. As for paved roads, you need strong brakes to stop the bike as quickly as possible.

4. Press the brakes at the right time:

It is very important that you apply the brakes gradually and in a timely manner, dear reader. For example: do not wait until you are too close to your destination while you are speeding, then suddenly press the brakes. You must also press the brakes and slow down at corners and curves.

5. Do not rely on the front brakes:

Do not use the front brakes to reduce the speed of the bicycle if you are speeding, because this leads to damage to it, and it is preferable to use the front brakes.

6. Using the rear brakes on slippery roads:

It is very important to pay attention to this point, which is to use the rear brakes if riding bicycles on wet and slippery roads, because this protects you from falling in the first place, in addition to maintaining the brakes.

7. Skidding means brake damage:

If you are someone who loves skiing and skating on bicycles, then you are obligated to change the brakes for each of them from time to time. No skiing and maintaining the brakes have an inverse relationship. The more you ski, the worse the brakes.

8. Don't rely on the rear brakes:

Of course, it is a mistake to fully rely on the rear brakes and neglect the front brakes, because relying on the brakes on one side weakens their performance, and it is preferable to balance them in use.

9. Guidance:

In the event that the cyclist is a child, this makes the matter more complicated. It is known that the child riders are very experts in performing acrobatic movements, skating and other wonderful movements, which makes the brakes tremble for fear when the child rides the bicycle. Therefore, it is preferable to guide the children and make them relieve a little pressure on the brakes, and the brakes will be very grateful to you.

10. Hiring an expert:

There are different places to put the brakes, so it is preferable to seek the help of a bicycle repair and maintenance expert to install the brakes correctly, ensuring good performance.

11. The quality of the brakes used:

Of course, the quality of the brakes is one of the important things that has a direct impact on the performance of the brakes clearly, so we recommend using excellent quality brakes in order to avoid damage every time.

12. Your own driving style:

Your way of riding bicycles and how you use the brakes are among the things that have a close relationship with preserving your bike's brakes, so we prefer that you have your own way of preserving your bike and your brakes.


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