Types of hybrid bikes and the most important thing to know about them

أنواع الدراجات الهجين وأهم ما يجب معرفته عنها - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Hybrid bikes are one of the most important types of bicycles, which are intended for long-distance cycling enthusiasts, as well as cycling enthusiasts and great adventure enthusiasts. While our information about hybrid bikes remains very limited, for most people the types of bikes do not go beyond being a small bike for children, the classic bike in its old form, and the fast sports bike, and therefore we have seen through my bike store to provide some important information about the hybrid bike and its benefits , shapes and prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

What are hybrid bikes?

Hybrid bikes are a unique design that combines the advantages of classic bikes and road bikes, with the speed and power of mountain bikes,
Hybrid bikes blend many features to create do-it-all bikes with a variety of uses to suit all tastes.
Is it commuting within your city? Or ride long tracks? Or take tours in rugged areas? Once you know that, you can take a look at the many advantages of a hybrid bike, and if they are right for you

Types of hybrid bikes

The hybrid bike does not differ in terms of shape and design from each other, many hybrid bikes have common denominators and the difference appears only between other categories of bikes, except that they can be divided into two basic groups, according to use.

traditional hybrid bikes

The traditional hybrid bike is a bike that bears the same specifications as other bikes with minor differences, you will recognize it when you first visit the bike shop, and it contains tires of the traditional style, and the most important thing in it is the position of the rider upright on the seat, it was designed for short trips and commuting in urban areas, however They don't offer the high levels of speed that some other hybrid bikes can offer.

Sport Hybrid Bikes

Sport-recreational hybrid bikes are very similar to road bikes with a few details that set them apart; Many have wider tires and some will feature mountain bike-inspired suspension elements for riding on rougher terrain. While the rider position is still more upright than a road bike, it's sportier and less upright than a traditional hybrid bike, so you can travel faster. These bikes offer nimbler handling and quicker gear changes than traditional bikes, so make good choices for those looking to build fitness or work out as efficiently as possible.

Characteristics of hybrid bikes

The hybrid bike has 21-27 cogs and 28-inch wheels that are approx 35mm wide..
The larger wheel diameter is a definite advantage, allowing for greater speeds and reducing rolling resistance.
People confuse a hybrid bike with a road bike. Some of the characteristics of mountain bikes, such as the thickness of the frame, combine as well as some of the characteristics of a road bike, such as light weight.
The best types of hybrid bicycles are distinguished by the seat that keeps the back straight while riding the bike and thus reduces back pain caused by riding it for long periods.
They are suitable for everyday use for those looking to walk on and off-road with irregular terrain.
Hybrid bikes combine fast 700C wheels.
Hybrid bikes are often designed with frame details that allow for carrying.
Perfect for short trips that don't require a lot of specialized cycling gear.
Bikes are available with a wide range of gears, from one to 27 or more.

The best hybrid bikes

When you are looking for the best hybrid bike , you should look for a store that meets your needs in terms of optimal use, ease and pleasure of driving the bike, as well as the right price. My bike store offers you the most important and best hybrid bikes designed for your personality, and you can also choose from all other types. that fit your daily needs.

Hybrid bicycle | Cozon Amelia Black

It is a light bike that is suitable for daily commuting with its aluminum frame and light wheels.
It makes it easy to walk long distances, and its comfortable saddle is suitable for walking on the roads
You won't find a problem using it off-road as well, it's available in multiple speeds and different colors.

Hybrid bicycle | Cozon X3E Lady Frame

The Hybrid X3 is a lightweight city bike
CST high tire technology
Comfortable and vibration resistant mattress
Carbon fork, which gives it a high-performance design
Equipped with high performance hydraulic disc brakes
Its material is light and its structure is made of aluminum, where aluminum is characterized by being a relatively light metal compared to other metals, and it also withstands various external influences.

Sports bicycle | Cozon X3E Blue

The Hybrid X3 is a lightweight city bike
CST high tire technology
Comfortable and vibration resistant mattress
High-performance carbon fork with ultra-sleek hydraulic disc brakes

X2S Hybrid Cozon A hybrid bicycle from Cozon with front suspension

The X2s hybrid bike is one of the best hybrid bikes produced by the French company Cozen.
When you drive to this point, you live the experience of a regular mountain bike, and it is also equipped with high-performance hydraulic disc brakes.
The entire set is manufactured by the Japanese company Shimano.
The bike is optimized for high performance.
This bike provides the necessary comfort while driving, especially with its more lightweight aluminum frame.
It comes with a fork with front aids from Cosen, and a fork made with great care to absorb vibrations.
Equipped with 9 speeds, the performance is the maximum possible speed in the various environments in which you drive this hybrid bike equipped with front assists in its fork.

Hybrid bikes have recently met with great demand by young people and adults, and the number of their users has increased in an unprecedented way, especially in the Arab market. Hybrid bikes combine the classic distinctive shape of city bikes with the strength and durability of mountain bikes, and are considered one of the most convenient bikes. For the Saudi market, as it provides comfort and efficiency in the desert and the streets alike, one of the most important characteristics of the hybrid bikes available to us in my bike


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