How to repair a broken bicycle chain

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It is very interesting to ride bicycles and go out with friends to enjoy the time, and there are many things that may spoil this fun, but the worst of these things that may spoil our day is the chain or track breakage, and this is a really big problem, but do not be afraid, we will not allow this problem to spoil your enjoyment, so to you The easiest way to quickly repair a track.

First, chain breakage is very normal and common in bicycles, so you do not have to worry about this matter, and we will follow up with you step by step how to reinstall and repair the chain parts, but first we advise you to use and carry repair and maintenance tools with you wherever you go so that you can deal with all the problems and malfunctions of your bicycle you with ease.

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What you will need:

First, when the chain breaks, the first thing you need to do is remove it from the frame of the bike until you review it and clean it if it is full of dust. One of the tools that will help you in that is the park tool attachment. The track is with you to replace it with the broken part, along with other maintenance and repair tools, which we strongly recommend that you carry with you wherever you go.

Work started:

Now, after knowing the most important tools that you need to repair the chain, you will start working as follows: You will use pliers to install the broken part of the chain and take it out, then replace it with another part, and then install the track and fix it well, and then return the chain to the bike. Of course, when installing, the chain must be placed inside Its proper place so that you will not find it difficult to re-install it in the bike when it is repaired.

In the event that you do not carry an additional part of the track with you, it can be repaired with the same damaged piece. The reason for its breakage must be a twist or the like. You can make it straight by hitting it gently and then assembling it again with ease. Thus, you can now set off on your bicycle and continue the fun with friends.


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