Cozon Mountain bike دراجة هوائية جبلية
Cozon Mountain bike دراجة هوائية جبلية
Cozon Mountain bike دراجة هوائية جبلية - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية
Cozon Mountain bike دراجة هوائية جبلية
Cozon Mountain bike دراجة هوائية جبلية

Mountain bike

5,000.00 ر.س

شامل الضريبة

the description


الهيكل كاربون خفيف جدا

 اسلاك مخفية

لحام مخفي بالكامل 


مساعدات امامية من شركة Rockshok  


مقير السرعات

Shimِِano ALIVIO, 9-speed  

Shimano Altus, 3-speed  




فرامل هايدروليك دسك من شركة تكترو



13 كجم 





  Shimano 3-speed  22/32/42






Shimano 14/36







 مرتبة رياضيه جل مريحة وطبية



الجنط  من الالومنيوم مصمم لتحمل الاوزان الثقيلة والتضاريس الحجرية والترابية بكفاءة عاليه ومقاوم للصدمات





 KENDA  الكفر مقاس  29 من شركة


وصلة المقود

  FSA وصلة المقود من 

دراجة كوزون كاربون

 ،مزودة بمساعدات  تمتص الصدمات القوية المزعجة بحيث تكون رحلتك سلسة ومستقرة وسريعة
نحرص دائما على حصولك تجربة استثنائية في ركوب الدراجات ، 

تم تصميم كوزون لايرن كاربون  للحصول على أفضل وزن وجودة في الركوب

  كوزون ليرن هي الخيار الافضل لتخفيف الاوزان واداء تمارين اللياقه والمشاوير البعيدة

  لانك تستحق الافضل دراجتي تقدم لك المتعه والاثاره

Carbon mountain bike:

Carbon bike

The true meaning of luxury, good taste and optimal purchase thanks to the technology included in it

It began with the design of the smallest details, based on the carbon material, which is known for its light weight and is more modern than all categories

Available in the market, it is fast and ready to be used in various adventures without losing anything of its amazing attractiveness

High performance, especially with its high wind resistance, when you think of buying a bike, it is the right choice and comfortable to ride

On the roads with confidence, when you drive it, it will inevitably help you reduce your feeling of tension and stress

You become clear minded which enhances your feeling Lively And rest while raising your body's stamina while increasing balanced focus

And elastic together, in addition to revitalizing the vitality and work of the cardiac muscles and their blood vessels by increasing their beats, which

It allows you to be healthy with the community around you, you automatically contribute to reducing climate pollution as soon as you ride your bike

Favorite Air If you use any vehicle that uses fuel, you can imagine the amount of daily pollution and noise it makes

All of them are caused by the use of any environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Carbon mountain bike

Carbon mountain bike: the chassis

The bike is made of carbon fiber, which consists of crystals stacked on top of each other in a shape

Parallel to one axis, forming a strong and durable material that can be molded, such as used in the manufacture of carbon mountain bikes,

The general structure of the bicycle is one of the parts in which carbon material was used to manufacture it, and thus it appeared in a unique, elegant and luxurious shape

Suitable for young people's tastes, all wires such as brake cables and gear shift units are completely concealed with eraser

Any trace of the welding used so that the bike appeared in the form of one very excellent block, which is mostly the result of welding

It appears in the form of protrusions on the structure in the places of connection between the various parts of the structure, all of which have become completely hidden, therefore

We highly recommend that you buy it now to live an excellent driving experience, especially in the various trips that you evaluate with

family or friends.

Carbon bike

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Carbon mountain bike

Bike size guide:

Bike sizing guide