The best sport bikes

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The best sports bikes that all sports practitioners are keen to acquire for various purposes, whether it is to lose weight, tighten the buttocks, or enhance the flexibility of the body’s muscles and various joints . Bicycles and their most prominent specifications and prices.

The best sport bikes

Bicycles are among the best sports bikes with multiple designs and benefits at the same time. Here are the different types of bicycles available at my bicycle store, which provides them to you at competitive prices, in addition to T-shirts, shorts, and sports shoes. The following are the most important of these types :

Road sports bikes

These bikes are available with a range of specifications, including:

  • It is the first choice for bicycle racing enthusiasts, and it is also one of the best bikes suitable for road racing.
  • Road bikes combine structural strength with light weight.
  • It is available with a carbon fiber or aluminum body, and weighs only about 7 kilograms.
  • It has light, high-quality tires, but it lacks an assistant not to reduce the bike's speed and weight while driving.
  • It features a balance between the position of the handlebar and the bike seat to provide a more comfortable and safe ride.
  • The prices of the road bikes available through my bike store start from 3105 Saudi riyals for the Claris road bike up to 8280 Saudi riyals for the Coson Road Carbon bike .

mountain bikes

It is one of the most distinguished and highest-priced bikes, as it is intended for driving in rugged areas, and it comes with the following specifications:

  • Mountain bikes come with a very strong and durable structure with the ability to walk in rugged areas, and are the perfect choice for mountaineering enthusiasts.
  • It comes equipped with tires that combine durability and stability in unpaved rocks, as the tire width sometimes reaches 8 cm.
  • It comes with special gears to control the bike, especially when driving on slopes.
  • Mountain bikes are available with an assist for added stability and increased weight off-road.
  • Mountain bikes are available through the Darajati bike store , as well as for air vents and speedometers , at prices ranging from 1480 Saudi riyals for the upland 90x bike up to 8740 Saudi riyals for the cozon mountain bike .

Hybrid bikes

Hybrid bikes combine the advantages of road bikes and mountain bikes, as well as the following advantages:

  • Hybrid bikes come with a durable, high-resistance structure, with super fast speed, as well as a suitable weight that makes them one of the best-selling bikes.
  • Hybrid bikes have more upright tires that give them a great deal of grip, which provides more safety while riding.
  • It is also distinguished by its superior ability to withstand shocks, thanks to the wideness of its tires compared to those of a mountain bike.
  • The hybrid bike is also characterized by its outstanding stability and longer distances.
  • You can now purchase the most powerful and diverse models of hybrid bikes through the Darajati store for bicycles, electric scooters , accessories and spare parts , the best choice for bicycle lovers.
  • The most prominent models of hybrid bikes available are the Carbon Fork Hybrid Bike, which is available at a price of 2980 SAR, and the Cozon Hybrid Bike, at a price of 2489 SAR.

Electric bikes

You can get the best types of electric bicycles through my bicycle store, the best destination for selling bicycles and their accessories such as front lights , rear lights , cleaners and locks . Electric bicycles are characterized by the following:

  • It comes with a developed and comfortable design that suits different groups, as it supports electric work, similar to other bicycles.
  • It is one of the most practical bikes suitable for daily use, and it is considered one of the low-cost bikes when compared to motorcycles.
  • Electric bicycles are available through the My Bike store for bicycles in different models, such as the cozon electric bike , which is available at a price of 8740 Saudi riyals. You can also obtain various supplies through the store, such as bags and bike carriers .

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The most important benefits of cycling

There are many benefits offered by the bicycle, which is available in many models through my bike store for bicycles, such as the four-wheel bike and the Cozon sports bike . The following are the most prominent benefits of the bicycle:

  • Weight loss by boosting the body's metabolic rates.
  • Improving the body's ability to build muscle mass, and enhance its ability to burn fat.
  • Strengthening all muscles in the body and supporting bone density, and the Road Cozon bike available at my bike shop is one of the best bikes that enhance bone density and strengthen the muscles of the entire body.
  • Strengthening both the upper and lower parts of the body in order to achieve the required balance for a healthy physical structure.
  • Enhance body endurance, support cardiovascular performance.
  • Bicycle exercises help to increase height by moving it continuously, which enhances its expansion and thus increases height.
  • Giving the body sufficient amounts of vitamin D, if it is driven in times of sunshine, and the bicycles available through my bike store for bicycles, such as the Cozon hybrid bicycle, are considered one of the best bicycles that can be driven in the sun and get its benefits.
  • Enhancing men's sexual ability and improving their performance during a relationship, thanks to the physical strength gained from bicycle exercises.
  • Improving the performance of the body's immune system, and increasing its ability to get rid of viruses.

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What are the criteria for choosing the appropriate bicycle size?

There is a set of criteria through which you can identify the suitability of the bicycle size for you of the various types available through the My Bike store for bicycles, such as city bikes , classic bikes , and women's bicycles . The following are the most important of these criteria:

  • The bicycle rises from the ground at an appropriate distance in order to obtain a more comfortable and safe ride, as well as more stability, and the pedals can be adjusted to control the way you sit while driving.
  • The steering wheel should be at an appropriate distance from the feet, in order to avoid exposure to damage while driving, or obstruct movement when turning.
  • The need to choose the appropriate bike size with the height and size of the bike rider, in order to move around the turns in an easier way.
  • The bike should have a suitable speed and be equipped with tires that are high enough to match the rider's height.
  • Choosing medium sizes for children’s bikes so that they can ride them safely, and you can get the best models of children’s bikes, which are available through my bicycle store, such as a Totem BMX bicycle at a price of 998 SAR and a Cozon bike size 24 at a price of 1198 SAR.

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What are the criteria for choosing the appropriate bicycle size?

Top frequently asked questions

What is the best type of bicycle?

The Upland Vinegard bike is at the forefront of the best bicycles, especially mountain bikes, as it comes with a very solid and durable structure that is able to run smoothly in rugged mountain areas. The Upland bikes are also characterized by tires specially designed to withstand the ruggedness of mountain roads, and they also come equipped with a fork to carry additional bicycle accessories.

How do I choose my bicycle?

There are many criteria that can be used when choosing the appropriate bicycle, including identifying the appropriate sizes for age, whether children, youth, or the elderly, in addition to the need to choose a bicycle that fits the length so that it allows the legs to fully extend while driving, and here it is necessary to choose the appropriate height For saddles and saddles .

What is the difference between mountain bikes and hybrids?

Both the mountain bike and the hybrid bike come with their own design, as mountain bikes are characterized by a highly durable structure that has a great ability to withstand the ruggedness of mountain and desert roads, while hybrid bikes are suitable for less rugged and steep roads.

What are the muscles that the bicycle strengthens?

The bicycle works to strengthen all the muscles of the body, but it is effective in focusing on specific muscles such as the muscles of the legs and thighs, the muscles of the buttocks, the abdominal muscles, the heart muscle, and the knee joints and tendons.

In conclusion, we have provided you with the most important information about the best sports bikes and the specifications of each bike, which can be purchased through the My Bike store for bicycles, mountain sports helmets , and children's helmets. We also learned how to choose the appropriate bike size and its most important benefits.


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