Disadvantages of riding a bicycle

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The disadvantages of riding a bicycle, which is one of the natural results of excessive use of it, despite its various benefits to all muscles of the body; However, it carries some damages, and in this article we will learn about the possible damages from riding a bicycle and the best types available at my bike shop for bicycles to avoid these damages.

The main disadvantages of riding a bicycle

There are many benefits of the bicycle as one of the important multi-benefit sports devices that can be acquired with the best models through my bike store for bicycles, such as classic bikes and road bikes , and despite its various benefits, it causes some damages, which are as follows:

  • Exposure to neck pain, which may reach back pain and exposure to muscle spasms, and the cushions in the bicycles available at my bicycle store can be adjusted to obtain a comfortable position while driving.
  • Hand pain resulting from nervous irritation in both the pinky and ring fingers or what is known as ulnar neuropathy due to the hand being on the steering wheel for a long time.
  • This is where the comfortable gloves available at my bike shop can be used , as well as a variety of products such as bicycle carriers for repair and degreasing cleaners .
  • Pain in the front of the arm, and mountain bikers are among the groups most susceptible to this pain, and you can get these bikes with comfortable designs through my bike store for bicycles, including the Cozon electric bike .
  • Low back pain, which may spread to the thighs and buttocks, and enhance the feeling of stiffness and lack of flexibility. Riding a four-wheeled bicycle , which is available through the My Bike Shop for bicycles, is one of the models that cause this most, because of its heavy weight.

Disadvantages of riding a bicycle for women

There are several harms that women may be exposed to from the continuous riding of bicycles, and the most important of these harms are as follows:

  • Exposure to infections of the bladder and vagina, due to the fact that the position of cycling represents pressure on the bladder area by 40%.
  • Therefore, the most common harms for women are urinary tract infections and vaginal numbness, in addition to increasing the chances of exposure to vaginal fungus, especially for those who have two labia that do not match.
  • Some women who practice cycling may also have to undergo surgery to reduce the labia to avoid potential damage, most notably vaginal thrush and impotence.
  • These damages can be countered by shopping for women's bicycles available at my bicycle store, which are equipped with a comfortable mattress for bicycles to protect the genitals, and which also provides you with various accessories and spare parts .

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Damage to men's bicycles

Bicycles cause some damage to men, and this is due to riding them at an exaggerated rate than the normal rate, and the following are the most important of these damages:

  • Cycling negatively affects the ability to have an erection, due to the excessive pressure on the perineal area between the testicles and the anus.
  • In which there are many arteries feeding the penis, and in the case of off-road driving, those arteries are exposed to damage and injury, which leads to erectile dysfunction.
  • Studies also confirm that cycling for up to nine hours a week leads to an increased risk of prostate fibrosis and possibly cancer, due to the constant pressure on its tissues and veins.
  • Here, the World Health Organization recommends moderate cycling to avoid exposure to the aforementioned damages.
  • It is also preferable to use a bicycle mattress , which can be purchased through the My Bicycle Store, which provides you with everything necessary for bicycles, such as bicycle cover screwdrivers and a speedometer device .

Damage to men's bicycles

Benefits of riding a bicycle

Bicycles offer many benefits to their users, and to get the most out of riding a bicycle, you can choose the best models available through my bike store for bicycles, such as a tricycle and an upland hybrid sports bike . Here are the most prominent benefits of a bicycle:

  • Weight loss by boosting the body's metabolic rates.
  • Improving the body's ability to build muscle mass, and enhance its ability to burn fat.
  • Strengthening all muscles in the body, and supporting bone density.
  • Strengthening both the upper and lower parts of the body in order to achieve the required balance for a healthy physical structure.
  • Enhance body endurance, support cardiovascular performance.
  • Bicycle exercises help to increase height by moving it continuously, which enhances its expansion and thus increases height.
  • Giving the body sufficient amounts of vitamin D, if it is driven in times of sunshine, and perhaps the bikes available through my bike store for bicycles, such as city bikes , are among the best bikes that can be driven in the sun and get its benefits.
  • Enhancing men's sexual ability and improving their performance during a relationship, thanks to the physical strength gained from bicycle exercises.
  • Improving the performance of the body's immune system, and increasing its ability to get rid of viruses.

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Biking tips

There are many tips that are best followed when starting to ride a bicycle, the most important of which is choosing the right place to buy the best bikes.

Here, it can be said that my bike store for bicycles is the best option, as it offers many models of bicycles, such as the Cozon hybrid bicycle , and other products such as electric scooters . Tips for riding a bicycle are as follows:

  • Preparing maintenance equipment to be used in the event of any problem with the bike, such as cleaners and blowers .
  • Periodic cleaning of tire chains to ensure smooth movement, and bicycle chain oil available through the My Bike website for bicycles can be used.
  • Use appropriate face coverings , especially when driving in times of wind or high dust, in order to prevent exposure to respiratory diseases.
  • Verify the integrity of the slides to avoid the risk of slipping in high areas.
  • Wearing bicycle shoes to avoid exposure to foot joint pain and driving in a comfortable way.
  • Wear a helmet to protect the head from injury if it hits the ground.

Biking tips

The duration of the bike ride

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits of a bicycle, 30 minutes a day is very suitable for that, with the need to choose the appropriate bicycles for that, and there are many main categories into which bicycles are divided to achieve these benefits, and the most prominent of these categories are the following:

  • Mountain bike, which is one of the most durable bikes, in addition to its importance in strengthening muscles and losing weight, as it requires great effort when driving in rough terrain.
  • One of the most prominent models of mountain bikes is the carbon fiber mountain bike , which is available at a price of 4700 Saudi riyals through the My Bike Store.
  • Hybrid bikes, which are characterized by their light weight, despite the fact that they require a lot of effort to drive and are suitable for driving in less rugged places.
  • One of the most important models of a hybrid bike is the hybrid fork bike , which is available at a price of 2980 Saudi riyals through the My Bike store for bicycles.

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Top frequently asked questions

Is riding a bicycle daily harmful?

Many studies confirm that riding a bicycle daily increases the activity of the parts of the central nervous system responsible for balance, in addition to its role in activating the cerebral cortex, in addition to its effective role in improving muscular activity in the body.

Does riding a bike affect the testicles?

Excessive cycling leads to many damages to the genital area in both men and women, so friction and heat as a result of riding for long periods of time cause erectile dysfunction and a decrease in the number of sperm resulting from its weakness.

Is it possible to lose virginity because of the bike?

The defloration of the hymen and loss of virginity occurs as a result of entering a solid object only, and bicycles do not cause any problem that would affect the hymen, as the hymen is located about 2 cm from the external area of ​​the vagina.

What are the muscles that the bicycle strengthens?

The bicycle helps to strengthen the muscles of the upper and lower part, with a greater focus on the muscles of the lower part such as the abdominal muscles, back muscles, buttocks, thighs and knee area, in addition to its effective role in strengthening the heart muscle.

In conclusion, we have provided you with detailed information about the disadvantages of riding a bicycle, and the damages that it may cause to men and women. We have also identified its most important benefits and the best types available through the My Bike store for bicycles of all shapes and sizes, and tips that must be adhered to when driving.


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