The best electric bike for adults in Saudi Arabia for the year 2023

أفضل دراجة كهربائية للكبار في السعودية للعام 2023 - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية
Bicycles have enjoyed wide popularity in the past few years, thanks to the change in the culture of peoples and the return of reliance mainly on the idea of ​​​​moving in a safer and less expensive way, and the role of governments has come to support these ideas by strengthening the methods and means available to spread the culture of cycling, and for these reasons the companies manufacturing Bicycles around the world are developing and modernizing some types of bicycles to be more comfortable and safer, and these are
Types of electric bicycle.
Electric bicycle

Ebike electric bike

An electric bike is a bike that has a motor to help you when you pedal, the motor will get its power from a rechargeable battery mounted on the bike, the motor has to help you instead of pushing you on its own, as a result, you need to pedal to get that help.
Electric bike systems offer a number of speeds to choose from, allowing you to balance the amount of power delivered through the pedals with range and battery life. Mostly, the motor charge does not exceed three hours, so before using it, you must first calculate the distances well.
The lightest electric bikes come in at under 4kg and are usually found on electric road bikes, but most systems weigh around 6 to 8kg - sometimes more.

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Electric bike riding laws

Electric bike laws vary around the world, and from one country to another, and the laws are fixed in the amount of assistance that the motor can provide, and the speed at which it cuts, and in general all over the world the motor is limited to an output capacity of 250 watts and must be cut when it reaches a speed of 25 km / hour / 15.5 mph, they must write on the electric bike some information including:
energy production
engine manufacturer
battery voltage
The maximum speed of the bike
its electric motor
This is to inform the authorities and put them in the framework specified under the category of bicycles
The best electric bike

Advantages of electric bikes

All countries seek to expedite the implementation of an integrated map for the spread of electric bicycles in their streets due to their many advantages, as they can travel at a distance of 25 km per hour, and the most important features are:
Electric bikes
The auxiliary motor battery gives you more comfort in exerting muscular effort, as it requires much less effort than the effort required by the cyclist in the case of traditional aerobics.
The electric bike is well suited for all age groups, professional riders and beginners
The E Bike allows you to move at higher speeds than if you were riding a traditional bicycle.
If you want to exert physical effort and exercise, you can convert it into a traditional bicycle that relies 100% on the effort of the cyclist only.
The electric bike is suitable for all purposes as you can go to work and play sports, and commutes within the city, as well as strolling in public parks
It is the best option for moving between medium distances when compared to cars or motorcycles because it is safer and saves money and effort.
Electric bicycles are environmentally friendly, as they do not emit any heat emissions or any toxic gases such as carbon dioxide, unlike cars and motorcycles.
One of the many benefits of riding an electric bike is that you have to
Press the pedals and exercise, they do not prevent exercise
sports in general

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The best store selling electric bikes in Saudi Arabia

  • There are many shops and bicycle stores to sell electric bicycles, and since you must choose the appropriate bicycle, you have to choose from the best stores selling electric bicycles in Saudi Arabia, the technical specifications of the electric bicycle must be at a minimum that is chosen as follows The aluminum structure is very light Hidden wires
  • Shock absorbing frame
  • Provide easy and comfortable touring
  • The brakes are perfect and not affected by sand and mud.
  • Handle terrain and bumpy roads smoothly.
  • The handles are made of foam, which is comfortable for the driver.
  • Fully concealed welding
  • Front aids
  • Hydraulic brake
  • Comfortable and medical gel sports mattresses
  • Battery specifications
  • The speed is not less than 36v
  • 30-50km/h
  • Lithium battery 3 hours
My Bike Store provides a variety of electric bikes suitable for all uses and categories

My experience with electric bikes

In a study conducted by some researchers at the Center for Research on Energy Demand Solutions (CREED), University of Leeds, United Kingdom, they found that the greatest impact in reducing emissions comes from the use of electric bicycles outside urban areas, while their use is in areas where they are low. Services, where public transport is limited, helps reduce transportation costs, enhances mobility, and improves access to services and jobs. The British government has a plan to replace electric bicycles within cities and small villages after a period of closure due to Corona, and after the end of the closure period, residents refused to return to carbon-emitting means of transportation, and contented themselves with using electric bicycles.

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Electric bike price in Saudi Arabia

It was said that when buying a bicycle, you must first determine the type of use that prompts you to buy. Electric bicycles have many advantages that you cannot ignore when determining the price. If you are a fan of cycling in races and long distances, or a new visionary in The world of bicycles, or you want to travel to long distances, so my bike shop advises you to buy an electric bike, whose cost is more suitable for enthusiasm for it, and the price of an electric bike in my bike shop ranges from 8000 Saudi riyals, depending on the size and type.


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