What are the benefits of a bicycle to improve thinking?

فوائد الدراجة الهوائية لتحسين التفكير

Bike and think

Benefits of cycling to improve thinking:

Do you want to increase your mental abilities? Do you want to improve your thinking patterns and make it more creative and creative?

Have you thought of somewhere to think more? library? garden? Somebody?

Get on your bike and increase your creative thinking

In this article, dear reader, we will look more at how cycling can help us improve our thinking to find solutions to our problems and daily difficulties, in a Dutch study that found that exercise increases our ability to think creatively.

The benefits of a bicycle to improve thinking

Riding a bicycle has a positive effect on your thinking and creativity:

During the study, the researchers tested two main types of creative thinking: divergent thinking and convergent thinking.

By divergent thinking, we mean the ability to reach multiple solutions to a problem, and convergent thinking is the ability to reach one correct solution.

Experimental participants were asked to use as many uses as possible (divergent thinking) and then presented with a set of words: poetry, time, stretch and asked to find the common link. A study conducted by a Dutch university found that people who exercised outperformed those who did not. Similarly, people who had creative thinking were those who exercised regularly. But only if the body is used to the activity. Otherwise, a large part of the energy devoted to creative thinking goes into the movement itself.

Here lies the sport of cycling, it does not require concentration in movement, as the riding process is unconscious, and therefore energy goes towards creative thinking. Speaking more scientifically speaking, cycling can increase the size of the parts of the brain that control creativity as it can help smooth the path between two areas of the brain.

The prefrontal cortex (the important creative part) and the amygdala (the negative part) This allows the prefrontal cortex to dissipate the negative thoughts produced by the amygdala and allow the creative ideas to become more prominent. While cycling you are in the moment you are mostly alone, silent, relaxed and most importantly very focused

You are slowing down your thought processes while increasing the flow of oxygen to your brain, which excites your nerves and gives you room to breathe away from the stresses of “real life .

The benefits of a bicycle to improve thinking

The benefits of cycling to improve thinking and increase your brain power:

The effect of riding a bicycle on the gray area of ​​the brain:

University of Illinois researchers found a 5 percent improvement in heart and respiratory function in cyclists and up to a 15 percent improvement in mental tests . That's because cycling helps build new brain cells in the hippocampus, which deteriorates from the age of 30.

Study author Professor Arthur Kramer said, "It enhances blood and oxygen flow to the brain, which regenerates receptors, and explains how exercise can help stave off Alzheimer's disease."

Riding increases the production of proteins used to make new brain cells by two to three times the rate and increases activities that allow the different regions of our brain to communicate more effectively .

Cycling has also been shown to counteract the natural decline of brain function and development as we age.

A study found that just 25 minutes of aerobic exercise boosted at least one measure of creative thinking .

Bicycling improves thinking

What are the benefits of a bicycle to improve thinking?

While you are riding your bike, you tell a new life story, simulate your life experiences from a different perspective, and face them with a different perspective than if you were inside your work, home, or in a meeting with your friends. All this inspires the creative mind to think differently, and inspires ideas that one may not normally experience . When you ride the bike and regain your feelings, and here we mean that you become calmer and improve your feelings towards relaxation, breathing deeply and letting go of stress, you become more ready to receive creative and creative ideas and logical solutions.

Such experiences are experienced by cyclists and those who practice them regularly. We do not hide a secret that writers, artists and musicians resort to exercise and cycling because of its relaxing effect on the brain. Of course, this helps stabilize brain functions and improve mental productivity.

Where the study showed that 30 minutes of cycling increases creativity and planning and significantly improves memory

Dear followers, we talked today about a very important topic that many may not think of, which is the benefits of cycling to improve thinking. We hope that you have obtained the most important information useful to you.

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